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Country: Nepal

Location: Rupandehi

Total Budget: $50,700

Area of Focus: Water and sanitation

Activity Type: Water: Sanitation

Summary: 'Ten Girls Toilet Build on Public School in Rupandehi, Nepal'

1. Introduction

Rotary Club of Rupandehi is the youngest club in Rotary District 3292, it was chartered in 24th April 2012 in the sponsorship of Rotary club of Butwal. The club has been established in the initiation of young and dynamic business professionals from this region with the aim to serve the society. At present the club has 40 active chartered members. Our club member always takes keen interest in community service from inner heart. We are planning to organize various medical check-up camps, health awareness activities, eye screening and disability treatments, educational materials donation to slum schools etc with the help of different organizations and our club members. All of our members are interested to serve to the disadvantaged sections of the society in their own little way.

Rotary Club of Rupandehi is planning to build 10 toilet blocks in public Schools in rupandehi district for the girls students who are under the privileged section of the society. At present numbers of girls in public schools of Rupandehi are functioning without girls toilet blocks or they are sharing same toilets with boys. This has causes serious embarrassment for the girls in the public schools and it has also causes drop outs of the girls' students from the school. Apart from improving the sanitation and hygiene of these public schools, this will also impart respect and privacy to the needy rural girls. This will also impart a good training to the girls most of whom does not have a single toilet or doesn't have any practice of using toilets in their homes regularly.

In the absence of adequate toilet facilities has resulted in drop outs in schools. Also students are forced to study under unhygienic and dirty conditions. In most of the cases the toilet blocks have become unusable due to poor construction and designing. The toilets blocks which we are planning to build in the public schools would be very well designed to keep them dry even after repeated use and high footfall. The materials used would be sustainable and would serve the schools for the next 25 years.


Rotary Club of Rupandehi believes that toilet blocks for the girls will set a trend in providing basic sanitation in rural Nepal apart from toilet training at a very early age. Rotary Club of Rupandehi is proud to have conceived this project. The Club will invite applications from the schools and will sanction 10 toilet blocks looking into the economic profiles of the students and also examining the infrastructure in the village. The schools have not been identified as yet since this would create an avalanche of application where we will not be able to serve.

The toilet blocks will be of excellent design to keep the floor dry even after repeated use. The toilet blocks shall also be used with minimum water requirements. Each toilet blocks shall have 4 WC and a hand wash area. The toilets shall be of normal type and shall not have any spill over on the floors after usage. The project will come with a sunset clause where the blocks shall be handed over to the school after construction. The subsequent usage, cleaning and operation shall be done by the school. The club will make periodical visit to ensure the proper uses and maintenance of the toilet blocks. The project will be highly sustainable since the club's involvement shall be restricted to the construction and handover of the toilet blocks.


The toilet blocks are being planned to provide a good sanitation to the girls students from very early in life. Toilet blocks shall ensure that the girls are exposed to hygienic sanitation from very early life apart from getting good toilet training. The main thrust area of this project would be to give honor to the girl student since it is a matter of great disgrace and embarrassment to the girls to go to schools which do not have toilet blocks or have toilets but which cannot be used. Rotary Club of Rupandehi will ensure that the toilet blocks which are provided towards the girls will decrease the trends of thinking running to home to use the toilets. More importantly, in some areas the girls do not have proper toilets in their homes and thus would be a training session for them. We are sure once they are exposed to good hygienic toilets, they will force their families to build same as one in their own homes.

The toilets are being designed by a professional architect and would be a model for all 10 schools. There would be no scope to change the design and it would be adopted by other villages for their good design and cheap construction cost. The number of toilets and urinals required for each school depends on the numbers of children and staffs, but also when the schoolchildren and staff have access to the toilets. If access to toilets is restricted in break times, then peak demand could be high, particularly if all the classes have breaks at the same time, boys' and girls facilities should be in separate toilet blocks, or toilet areas separated by solid walls (not lightweight partitions) and should have separate entrances. Doors should reach down to floor level. It may be appropriate to provide separate toilets for staff and schoolchildren. To minimize the risk of violence, including sexual violence, and to ensure sufficient privacy, toilets must be carefully located, and their access routes should be left if they are used. There should be lockable from the inside (to protect people while using them) but should be left unlocked when not in use, to ensure they are always accessible.

Open air defecation and urinary discharge is a deeply unhygienic practice. It spoils the environment of the school. Apart from this, the practice creates an inferiority complex to the child girl who are always trying to hide for something as basic as using a toilet. We sincerely hope this project will improve the sanitation, hygiene and habits of the village girl. We also believe that it will inspire other villagers to have toilets in their homes so that the female population would not have to go outside the house to their usual urinal discharge. This project would provide infrastructure and inculcate good habits in the village population.


The Rotary Club of Rupandehi's toilet block project for the girl students will definitely improve the school environment and shall contribute greatly to the sanitation habits of the village girl. Since the girl child is neglected in villages, the girls' school toilets are the most neglected place in the school. We sincerely want to impart honour to the girls where they will enjoy coming to the school with their head held high. The sheer presence of a sparkling toilet will draw students in the days to come. We shall be driven by the mission of sanitation and hygiene to the students - honour to the girl students.


The toilet project started by Rotary club of Rupandehi will be useful to those needy girls students in the schools who are in getting problems to study in free investment without any mental disturbances. The problems being faced by the girls in public schools will be minimized by this project. The girls should not have to wait and stand in que to go toilets and they also did not get any sexual and mental violence by boys while standing in que. We hope this kind of toilet project is needful to make a good academic environment in schools. The lesion they take from these kinds of project will definitely help them to maintain their self health hygiene and sanitation in their daily life.

Project Contact Person

District: 3292

Rotary Club of: Rupandehi

Primary Contact: Gautam Bhusal

Email: rcrupandehi@yahoo.com

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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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