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Project Description

Country: Nepal

Location: Rupandehi

Total Budget: $5,700

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

Activity Type: Education: Literacy

Summary: Ten computers provided to Poor Public School in Rupandehi, Nepal


Education is the most vital key to ending extreme poverty. Free primary education is constitutionally mandated in Nepal. This may be true in narrow sense that public schools do not charge tution fee. But the real cost of schooling for parents turns out to be quite high. These hidden costs include for instance, school fee, fees for clothes, snack equipment and so on. The pressure of assuming these financial burdens while losing a potential helping hand at home or another household income often proves to be more than poor families can bear. So, in this situation poor students cannot reach the computer education. Computer education is the most important in this 21st century. They need computer education for well comptetion.

Rotary club of Rupandehi is planning to handover 10 computer to poor public schools which haven't any computer. In public schools due to lack of budget and donation, there are no computers for students and teachers. So, we would like to active our hand to do something in this matter because rotary club always wants to do something for back people. On the other hand there are more girls students than boys in public school in Rupandehi. Mostly boys are studying in boarding schools. So, our organization wants to do better for future career of these girls.

The beneficiaries of this proposal will include poor & dalit girls from Anandavan, Karahiya & Makrahar V.D.C.,who are the age of 5-15 which are living in lower dalit and adibasi areas who are physically disabled ,victims of domestic or other violence, semi orphans, rejected or neglected by parents, and also always suffering from economic crisis .

We Rotary Club of Rupandehi are always in a big hurry " To care & support for the basic needs and priorities of the poorest, especially the women and children and empower them towards their overall development and self -reliance".


Provide basic computer knowledge to girls students and ladies teachers.

Motivate to use Internet for know the world.

Help to self-employment training to them.

Build up self confidence to girls and ladies teacher.

To make them well competitor with boys.

To make their life style better.


Computer education is still a distant dream for those children in remote area specially for girls. Above Public School , the number of girls students is higher in comparison to the boys students. If we can do some for these girls students by the way of provide computer knowledge that will be good job for our club and good for society also.

This little help of ours can make their reach to the computer education which will contribute to maintain their career and life style is much better way.

Project Contact Person

District: 3292

Rotary Club of: Rupandehi

Primary Contact: Rajendra Subedi

Email: subedi976976@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $4,300
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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