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Country: Brazil

Location: Muqui - ES

Total Budget: $30,000

Area of Focus: Water and sanitation

Activity Type: Water: Supply/Access

Summary: Contribute to an increase in the availability of water for human consumption and food production and improve the soil conditions in the headwaters of the Rio Claro and Rio São Luiz, the rivers supplying the most densely populated areas of the city of Muqui

The South of the State of Espírito Santo has micro watersheds, with small, extended streams and rivers which are very susceptible to the scarcity of rain.

100 families will directly benefit. 60 of these are located at the source and along the banks of Córrego Monte Alegre (Happy Mountain Stream). This is the primary source of water for the micro basin of the Rio Claro (Clear River), which supplies the city of Muqui. All of these families are in the Assentamento da Reforma Agrária Monte Alegre (Settlement of the Monte Alegre Agrarian Reform).

The other 40 families are located at the source of the São Luiz micro basin and the banks of the Córrego São Luiz, located in the Community of São Luiz/Verdade. This micro basin supplies the district of São Gabriel.


• Fencing of 4 springs to protect the areas from external factors disturbing the natural development of native vegetation. Two of these springs are located in an area of common use by the residents of the Monte Alegre settlement. The other two springs are in the Community of São Luiz/Verdade.

• Construction of 4 retention basins, increasing the capacity for rainwater collection, augmenting the water table in the area, and ensuring the quality and quantity of water available. Two will be constructed for the Settlement of Monte Alegre, one located in the center and another in the Grupo do Bom Jardim (the settlements are divided into small lots - the perimeter of the basins will be in central areas, benefiting each group). The other two basins will be located in the Community of São Luiz/Verdade.

• 600 dry boxes, distributed along the banks of the Córrego Monte Alegre and Córrego São Luiz, on the properties of the 100 families that agreed to this action, protecting the soil from erosion and preventing siltation of streams and rivers, in addition to expanding the capacity for rainwater retention and the supply of groundwater in the region.

• 580 hours monitoring the preparation of the dry box technical project and field activities.

• 11 identification signs for the project.

• 1 Banner

• Stationery, travel and phone expenses

• 150 certificates

• Materials for retention basin construction (blocks, gravel, cement, concrete or PVC culvert piping)

Project Contact Person

District: 4410

Rotary Club of: Muqui

Primary Contact: Magali Motta

Email: rotaryclubdemuqui@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $22,499
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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