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Project Description

Country: Liberia

Location: Tappita City

Total Budget: $2,000

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

Activity Type: Education: General

Summary: Supplying Neonatal Training Equipment to JFD Memorial Hospital in Liberia

Dr. Kassahun Belachew participated in GG 1525173, Saving Babies Lives in Ethiopia, which developed a training of trainers program for doctors, nurses, and midwives in life-saving neonatal care at the University of Gondar Hospital in Gondar, Ethiopia. GG 1525173 was an amazing success, training over 70 instructors who in turn trained over 800 providers in techniques of neonatal resuscitation and post resuscitation care of seriously ill newborns.

Dr. Kassahun is now head of the Pediatric program at the JFD Memorial Regional Referral Hospital, Tappita City, Nimba County, Republic of Liberia. He plans to develop a similar training program in neonatal resuscitation and basic respiratory care of the newborn for medical providers in his new training hospital in Liberia. At the University of Gondar Hospital, he led an ongoing training program for 5 years, serving as Course Coordinator for the Global Grant and he is well-versed in all the didactic and administrative skills needed for such a program. However, he needs training equipment to initiate this desperately needed program. There are no funds available at the hospital to purchase the training equipment. This District Grant will provide training equipment for resuscitation and basic respiratory care of newborns to allow Dr. Kassahun to initiate a training program at the JFD Hospital in Liberia. The resuscitation equipment will be purchased through Laerdal Medical and shipped from the factory in China directly to Liberia. Respiratory supplies will be purchased in the US and hand carried by hospital staff traveling back and forth from US to Liberia.

Building on a previous successful Global Grant, this project represents a testament to the power of Vocational Training Team training of trainer programs through The Rotary Foundation and continues this important work in another under served area of the world.

Project Contact Person

District: 5340

Rotary Club of: Del Mar

Primary Contact: Karin Davies

Email: karindavies830@yahoo.com

Project Status

This project is "Completed". This means the project has been implemented and the report was accepted by the district leadership. The project will stay listed on this website as a testimony of the achievements of the project partners.

Project listed for the 2022-23 Rotary Year.

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History Log Entries


by Karin Davies

System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Karin Davies

System Entry: Pledge of $1,000 with $1,000 DDF by Karin Davies of the Rotary Club of Del Mar, District 5340.


by Karin Davies

System Entry: Project sent for club signatures.


by Karin Davies

System Entry: Project signed by Karin Davies.


System Entry

System Entry: Project signed by Sharon Schendel.


by Janice Kurth

System Entry: Project approved by the District Approval Committee.


by Marta Knight

Club banking information received.


by James Morrison

System Entry: Check for DDF payment issued by Foundation Treasurer.


by Karin Davies

The equipment has been purchased and the teaching equipment from Laerdal Medical was shipped and has been received. It is already in use. The oxygen equipment has been purchased in the US and as soon as several items arrive they will be shipped to Liberia by DHL.


by Karin Davies

System Entry: Final Report signed by Karin Davies.


System Entry

System Entry: Final Report signed by Sharon Schendel.


by Marta Knight

System Entry: Final report approved by the District Approval Committee.

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