Maternal Health in Tepehua, MX





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Project Description

Country: Mexico

Location: Tephehua

Total Budget: $2,600

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

Activity Type: Health: General

Summary: Tepehua Community Center Outreach to Mothers for Health

Tepehua Barrio is a very poor area near Chapala, Mexico. The Chapala Rotary Club has set up a number of health, education, and vocational programs for the indigent members of this community. This grant will help women who are pregnant deliver healthy children and be healthy themselves. Their Maternal Health program is extensive, as we take the Mother completely through the pre/postnatal care. The mortality rate in the barrio used to be very high but it has now stabilized and the Mother and child have a good chance even if they have the baby at home. Especially if they have the baby at home, as we can send a local nurse and a child is born in the home he/she will be raised in. Much better than the two hour drive to Guadalajara and after a 48 stay the Mother and child are back on the bus to go home. That is where the infections set in. This grant will help provide these programs for maternal health.

Project Contact Person

District: 5340

Rotary Club of: Mission Valley Evening

Primary Contact: Marge Cole

Email: margecole81@gmail.com

Project Status

This project is "Completed". This means the project has been implemented and the report was accepted by the district leadership. The project will stay listed on this website as a testimony of the achievements of the project partners.

Project listed for the 2022-23 Rotary Year.

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