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Project Description

Country: USA

Location: Boise, ID

Total Budget: $1,700

Area of Focus: Community economic development

Activity Type: Community Development: General

Summary: Repair delivery truck for Astegos who provides supplies to schools, churches, non-profit groups at big discounts from retail

The project is to provide funds to repair the brakes, fuel system and other needed maintenance items for the delivery truck owned by Astegos, a Boise non-profit that works to feed and house the homeless. Astegos receives overstock items of all sorts - household goods, clothing, school supplies, food, tools, electronics, etc -- from major retailers. It sorts and makes the goods available to teachers, churches and non-profit groups throughout the region at a substantial discount to retail prices. It only collects enough money from "shoppers" to cover the cost of the operation. Making the delivery truck safe and reliable will allow Astegos to deliver goods to groups who can't easily and quickly get to Boise where the warehouse is located. Estimated cost of repairs is $1700

Addendum to Project Description (added after the project was signed)

The club volunteers with Astegos to sort goods at the warehouse and also it participates in Astegos' CasaRoll project to feed shut-ins.

Project Contact Person

District: 5400

Rotary Club of: Boise East

Primary Contact: Shari Stroud

Email: stroudsk@gmail.com

Project Status

This project is "Completed". This means the project has been implemented and the report was accepted by the district leadership. The project will stay listed on this website as a testimony of the achievements of the project partners.

Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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Final Report

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History Log Entries


by Marianne Barker

System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Shari Stroud

System Entry: Project sent for club signatures.


by Shari Stroud

System Entry: Project signed by Shari Stroud.


System Entry

System Entry: Project signed by Heidi Bogert.


by Marianne Barker

Your 2023-24 district grant project will be included in D5400's block grant application to The Rotary Foundation in July. Do not place orders or spend money on the project until you hear from the district that TRF has approved our block grant, as you cannot be reimbursed for expenses incurred prior to TRF approval. Call Marianne Barker at 208 308-5617 if you have any questions. Thank you!


by Marianne Barker

The Rotary Foundation approved the District 5400 block grant on July 11, 2023. We’ll send your grant award as soon as the block grant is funded by TRF. You can safely incur costs now. If you have questions or need help, please contact Marianne at (208) 308-5617


by Marianne Barker

System Entry: Project approved by the District Approval Committee.


by Marianne Barker

System Entry: Check for DDF payment issued by Foundation Treasurer.


by Marianne Barker

System Entry: Project has been implemented and final report uploaded.


by Christine Huot

System Entry: Final report approved by the District Approval Committee.

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