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Region: South-East Asia

Country: India

Location: Nagpur

Total Budget: $32,000

Area of Focus: Water and sanitation


As per national survey;

Only 95% schools have drinking water facilities

There are over 4,00,000 schools either without toilets or dysfunctional toilets

Only 51% of the schools have a designated handwashing space.

Only 12% of schools have soap/detergent available at the handwashing space.

49% of the students wash their hands using only water.

32% of the children wash hands with soap before eating.

Rotary club of Nagpur has undertaken survey of exhaustive survey of 50 government run schools in rural areas of Nagpur. The results have been identical. Lack of sanitation facility and hygiene in schools resulted in

1. Stunted growth of students.

2. 22% deaths of under 5 deaths are due to lack of safe drinking water.

3. Major drop out rate amongst girl student due to lack of menstrual hygine facility.

The Solution:

The solution is to provide toilet blocks including hand wash station at schools. This will ensure;

Access to sufficient quantities of safe water for


Handwashing after defecation and before eating, for cooking and personal hygiene

Toilet facilities that are

Gender-specific (i.e. separate for boys and girls), sufficient, child-friendly, adequate, well-equipped, well-maintained and culturally appropriate

The Project:

The project involves construction of;

Gender specific toilet blocks

Water storage facility

Handwash station

Water filter

Sanitary napkin dispensing machine, wherever required

Incinerator wherever required.


WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) in Schools provides a healthy & protective school environment minimizing risk of disease, abuse & exclusion.

WASH in Schools encourages pride and commitment to school by enabling every child to become an agent of change for improving water, sanitation and hygiene practices in their families and their community.

WASH in Schools is an investment in the health and well-being of future generations, valuable commodities for the countries' development and growth.

WASH in Schools promotes equity with the provision of separate toilets for boys and girls, ensuring privacy and dignity & contributing to girls' school attendance & retention.

WASH in Schools discourages the habit of defecation in open and encourages children to insist their family members for a toilet in in their homes

Project Cost and Timeline:

Out of 50, we want to take up 10 schools in first phase this year. We intend to start this project latest by 15th March 2016 so as to complete the project before schools reopen in Mid June. Total project cost is Rs 21 Lakhs for 10 schools. (approx USD 32,000)

About Us:

Rotary Club of Nagpur is a premier service club of Nagpur. The Club is in its 71st year of service, is the 2nd largest Rotary Club in India and part of the worlds leading service organization - Rotary International. In Nagpur, our club undertakes various projects under various community service projects, medical camp for tribals etc.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3030

Rotary Club of: Nagpur

Primary Contact: Parag Paranjpe

Email: parag@thinkconsultants.net

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Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

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