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Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: RibeirÃo Preto

Total Budget: $38,315

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

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The increasing rate of aging in the country has caused an imbalance in the medical care of the elderly population, mainly in the specialties of cardiology and urology.

An analysis of the expenses that society would have with the treatment of only benign prostatic diseases, which compromise about 40% of men over 70 years, the budget would be higher than all the forecasts of the Ministry of Health for the SUS of urology). This fact was directly related to the aging of the male population.

Urological neoplasms in general are also related to the aging of the male population and here it is emphasized that prostate cancer is the most frequent in these individuals, excluding non-melanoma skin tumors. In 2012 it was estimated that we would have about 60,180 new cases, which corresponds to a risk of 62 / 100,000 men. This incidence is higher in the Southeast, followed by the Center West and South. The frequency of this disease in autopsies of men around the age of 50 is about 40%, and the risk of significant disease is around 9.5%, with a risk of death of 2.9%. (data from the National Cancer Institute - 2012).

It is known that the risk is higher in families with ascendants with the disease and in black individuals.

Bladder cancer is the second largest urinary tract. In the state of São Paulo, it represents about 19.6 cases in men and 4.1 in women for every 100,000 inhabitants. It has been reported that the delay of 12 weeks in the accomplishment of the treatment in invasive tumors causes worsening of the global survival and specific cancer. This factor requires prompt assistance to these patients.

In addition to tumors, there are other pathologies with a high incidence in the population, and a clear example is renal lithiasis, the treatment of which encompasses a large number of techniques and instruments whose purpose is to reduce patients' suffering as much as possible and to promote recovery quickly and returns them to your social activities.

Therefore, in view of the growing demand for urological patients in Ribeirão Preto and the region and the need for resolution of diagnostic problems and, especially, specialized treatment, in time, the Urology and Uro-Oncology Service of the Hospital of Sociedade Portuguesa of Benefit of Ribeirão Preto, through this project.

The project intends to equip the Urology and Uro-Oncology sectors of the Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital to provide up-to-date care to SUS patients, mainly aimed at the early diagnosis and treatment of urological tumors, both for open, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries.

It also intends to enable these sectors to apply the latest techniques of treatment of urinary lithiasis with updated instrumentation, both endoscopically and by percutaneous access, in addition to treating the vast majority of benign tumors of the prostate endoscopically, with as well as the endoscopic treatment of lesions of the small urethra.

The Hospital of Sociedade Beneficência Portuguesa de Ribeirão Preto was founded in 1907 and serves patients in need of Ribeirão Preto and region. It has 150 beds, 550 employees and 110 doctors.

The Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital will pay the following contributions:

• The physical space of the place where the equipment will be placed;

• Supporting staff and physicians serving this industry, already existing.

• Will be responsible for social charges and workers' fees.

• Equipment maintenance.

The Rotary Club of Ribeirão Preto-Norte in partnership with the physicians and employees of the Urology and Uro-Oncology Service will be responsible for the implementation of the project and quarterly measurement of the procedures performed.

Number of beneficiaries: Currently the General Urology Service serves about 1,500 outpatient consultations per year and at Uro-Oncology, 950 consultations. Performs about 450 small to large procedures per year.

With the expansion that is fundamentally dependent on the material contemplated in this project, the services will have their capacity of service and resolution increased by about 30%.

Specific objectives: Acquire equipment for performing endoscopic, laparoscopic and percutaneous surgeries for SUS users in the Urology and Uro-Oncology Services of the Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa de Ribeirão Preto.

short term: offer urology patient care with updated, more modern and efficient methodology: perform specialized urological examinations; to obtain material for biopsies with pre cision; detect urinary obstructions early by benign prostatic hyperplasia or other diseases; to verify presence of intravesical obstructions caused by prostatic hyperplasias, urethral stenosis, vesico-urethral dysfunctions and urinary calculi; diagnose prostate cancer; check any details and changes of the bladder and urinary tract, conduct the training of resident doctors in the specialty of urology and uro-oncology, perform open and endoscopic urologic surgeries.

mid-term: streamline the care of SUS users in the waiting queues for exams;

long term: advancing the structuring of the urology department of Ambulatório and Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital to reduce and end the repressed demand of patients from the Unified Health System - SUS - of Ribeirão Preto and region; increase the number of patients seen per year by 30% and consequently increase the early diagnosis of prostate cancer and urological diseases.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4540

Rotary Club of: Ribeirão Preto-Norte

Primary Contact: Maria Cristina Pedreschi Caliento

Email: cristina@blitztur.com.br

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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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