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Project Description

Region: Eastern Europe

Country: Turkey

Location: Ankara

Total Budget: $95,450

Area of Focus: Economic and community development


Objectives of this Project.

Local community at 9 villages of Çankaya district in Ankara, who can utilize their milk with very primitive ways and / or can not utilize at all, will be able to produce cheese and cream with modern techniques and hygiene conditions, and this will result in the development of the economy of the local community.

The estimated number of direct beneficiaries.

Directly the villagers of Çankaya, which has a population of 14.000 together with the families, will benefit through this project.

The place that the project will be implemented

Community Çankaya

City or Village Ankara

Country Turkey

The time that the project will be implemented

From October 2016

Until May 2017

Project implementation schedule.

1st step : Preparing the required machine and equipment technical specifications.

2nd step : Collecting proposals from possible subcontractors (vendors and/or suppliers).

3rd step : Deciding on the subcontractor by constituted procurement committee.

4th step : Obtaining - placing of the equipments and machinery, and assembling them.

5th step : Training the staff of the facility, this will include:

• Training on analyzing the incoming milk,

• Teaching milk pasteurizing, cheese producing and the system cleaning,

• Giving lectures on how to do cost analysis on milk production and keep records for accounting,

• Giving lectures on marketing the final product, such as how to place the product in groceries and showing potential logistics ways to sell the product.

• Training on the periodic maintenance of the facility and long term repairing of machineries and / or equipments if needed.

6th step : Running the facility using water by the trained staff, testing and final tuning and ensuring the facility run as per the contract.

7th step : Producing cheese by trained staff together with trainers, product packaging.

8th step : Placing the products on the market.


The community needs

It is aimed to let the milk of Çankaya community develop their local economy by properly and efficiently utilizing milk in hygienic conditions, in contrary to the current primitive situation. Also, it is targeted to serve the consumers healthy cheese products while producing them in modern ways. Moreover, conscious producers will be trained by experts. This need has been identified after researches made by the Karahasanlı, Akarlar, Evciler, Kömürcü, Tohumlar, Yayla Neighborhoods's Agricultural Development Cooperative, hereinafter called CCAD Cooperative.

The relevant data or survey results.

Based on Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Town Directorate,

there are 6000-6200 certified cows. Also, based on the surveys, it has been noted that the biggest problem in the neighborhood is selling the raw milk. As currently the efficiency of producing cheese and butter is pretty low, the milk producers prefer selling their milk to a cheese - butter production facility. In addition to that, many villagers even six kilometers away from Çankaya, have committed already to sell their raw milk to the milk facility.

How the project will address the community needs.

Primary goal is giving an opportunity to the society to utilize their milk and produce cheese in modern, which is meant efficient and hygienic ways, then production of yoghurt and yogurt-drink (national drink of Turkish Republic) is planned to be promoted in the future. The system that will be built for cheese manufacturing is capable of being extended with additional investments in future years when new milk products are aimed to be produced. In targeted modern conditions of milking and storing, the local community will start earning from their milk and it will encourage them to purchase new sheep and cows. Thus the milk livestock will be developed in the neighborhood, and then average wage in the community will be increased.

Involvement of the local community

There is CCAD Cooperative founded by the villagers with guidance and support of the municipality and there is an ongoing initiative of the association to which the municipality is going to provide sheep. We, Ankara Bahcelievler RC, will be working with the association and the local community and will be involved as volunteered members of the association on planning the project. The members of the cooperative suggested us where to establish the Diary Plant and how to collect the milk.

Training and educational programs

Firstly, hygienic ways of milking and storing tips and lectures on animal health and cleaning after milking will be given to both the animal owners and the association members. While realizing the project, trainings will be given to the technical, marketing and accounting staff in the milking facility, in accordance with their specialization. These lectures can be listed as a summary as follows:

• Building product cost and accounting system, week 1

• Running the machinery, periodic maintenance and repairing, week 2

• Analysis of milk, week 2-4 (in parallel with the other training)

• Processing of milk and producing cheese, week 2-4

• Doing CIP (Clean In Place) cleaning of the facility, week 2-4

• Building sales, marketing and shipping methodologies, week 5

These lectures will be given by experts of local Agriculture Department of Turkish Republic, university professors, professionals from Rotarians and experts of machinery vendors. These lecturers will be selected out of local Rotarians, universities and volunteers around the neighborhood. In host (Ankara Bahcelievler) Rotary Club, there are already members who have expertise on these subjects and they will attend to project in person.


The goals

• Building the capacity of entrepreneurs, community leaders, local organizations, and community networks to support economic development in impoverished communities

• Developing opportunities for productive work

• Reducing poverty in underserved communities

• Supporting studies for career-minded professionals related to economic and community development

How to meet these goals?

Çankaya has a few and small lands for farming and due to that the community survives on mostly live stocking. Current Development Association supports the community on producing cheese but the products are unhealthy and primitively produced, which result with low selling price. Once the facility is established, the raw milk will have an option to be used in both hygienic and modern way, and then farmers will earn more money which would end up larger and more efficient farms, live stocking and local businesses. Increase on the value of raw milk simply increases also the living standards there. Side industries (for example, fodder factories, equipment industry for animal health, veterinary materials etc.) will develop and new occupational opportunities will be expected. Besides that, staff such as engineer and workers will be paid and survive in better live standards. To conclude, consuming income depending on producing milk and cheese will definitely live up the trade there incredibly.

How to measure the impact?

Measures on the success of the project can be listed as follows:

• Increase in the number of dairy cow and sheep

• Increase in the amount of collected milk

• Sale figures of the produced milk and cheese in the facility

• Payment amounts to the milk producers


The role of the host Rotarians in this Project and their specific responsibilities.

Managing of the project, assembling, control and running of the machinery, producing of the cheese will be realized by the committee members of host (Ankara Bahcelievler) Rotary Club. Training activities will be organized by CCAD Cooperative and the lecturers will be chosen by all partner Rotary Clubs. Running the milk facility, collecting milk and selling of the product will be under supervision of host RC, but will be performed by CCAD Cooperative. Machinery and equipment procurement and assembling will be guided by committee, whose chair is PP Necil BUYUKPAMUKCU. Educational organization will be supervised by a committee whose chair is PP Abdullah KÜREĞİBÜYÜK. Collecting milk and selling the product topics will be under supervision of the committee whose chair is PP Kerim SEFER. And finally, accounting will be under supervision a committee, whose chair is PP and also founder of Ankara Bahcelievler RC, Irfan KANDEMIR, who is a professional very well known accountant.

The role of the international Rotarians in this Project and their specific responsibilities.

Each and every step listed in the project plan will be jointly decided. And this project is a big project not only in the manner of purchasing and assembling the equipments + machinery, but the trainings and supervision. The training and supervision guidelines will be jointly prepared by experts in the partners, international as well as the host Rotarians.


The role of the CCAD Cooperative in implementing the project.

The local Agriculture Department of Turkish Republic will provide a certificate and fund to the milk producers who

• produce less number of somatic cells in milk,

• high ratio of fat, protein and dry ingredients of milk,

• continuously increasing certified milk production.

Monitoring outcomes and ensuring continuity of services

Members of Bala Rotary Society Union and CCAD Cooperative will ensure the sustainability of the project. Host (Ankara Bahcelievler) Rotary Club will also support the trainings and organization to ensure the sustainability.


Description Supplier Amount (TRY)

1 Milk Receiving and Weighting Unit 23.895-TL

8100 USD

2 Pasteurization and Standardization Unit 183.710-TL

62275 USD

3 Cheese Production Unit 32.670-TL


4 Laboratory 10.325-TL

3500 USD

5 Assemblying 16.225-TL

5500 USD

6 Training 14,750-TL

5000 USD

Total: 281.575-TL

95.450 USD



The process for selecting the budget items.

Budget has been determined considering the available capacity of the machine - equipment along with the facility and possible variety of processes of the products. Based on these facts, machinery specifications have been identified. Among many relevant vendor / suppliers from Turkey industry, specifications compliant proposals are received. The selected vendor / supplier has the highest quality on both the machinery and equipment, together with the service, with the optimum price. Equipments will be supplied from both local (Turkish) and European market, but local market is the dominant factor due to the service and budget conditions. Bidding procedure of companies has been followed in accordance with obtaining the latest technology standards and coherent to the local culture.

How to maintain the Plant working

These useful items will be maintained periodically by service of the vendors / suppliers. The daily maintenance will be done by the locals, as specified above. Among the Turkish market, it will always be possible to easily find and obtain spare and varying parts to these machinery and equipments.

Owner of the Plant

All machinery and equipments purchased will be owned and maintained by CCAD Cooperative.


Contributor Cash DDF TRF Match

1 Continent #1 - N. America 20000 10000

2 Continent #2 - N. America 10000 5000

3 Continent #3 - Europe 20000 10000

4 Continent #4 - Europe 5450

5 Continent #5 - Asia 5000 2500

6 Continent #6 - Australia 5000 2500

Total: 95450

Primary Host Partner

District: 2430

Rotary Club of: Ankara-Bahçelievler

Primary Contact: Abdullah Küreğibüyük

Email: iremltd@ttmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 2110

Rotary Club of: Augusta

Primary Contact: Federico Romano

Email: refricond@yahoo.it

Project Status

This project has been "Dropped". Check the history log entries to see why it was dropped.

Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #1639865.

Proposed Financing

Existing Contributions Towards This Project





Augusta (2110)





Ankara-Bahçelievler (2430)





Remaining Amount to Raise

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