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Region: Africa

Country: Kenya

Location: Gilgil

Total Budget: $57,687

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

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Sogonoi and Ngorika villages in Gilgil district have a population of around 26,000 people do not have access to adequate medical services. Therefore children in these areas really get a chance to immunization. Most children are born at home with assistance of traditional birth attendance that does not have any medical training. Due to lack of knowledge and equipment's many times a traditional birth attendant uses unsterilized equipment's. Therefore the chances of transmission of deadly virus from one woman/child to the other are quite high.

Due to lack of medical care, access to medical education and access, most women do not use family planning.. This led to some families struggling to feed the children or educate them.

The most nearest medical clinic or hospital is miles away. Due to poverty and poor roads the village does not have vehicles connecting them to the nearest town where there is a hospital.

Pregnant women and people who need emergency attention are transported using bicycles. Many times it take hours to reach to the hospital.

Rotary Club of Gilgil in partnership with Trinity Mission Dispensary wishes to set up a Mobile Medical Clinic in this district. Trinity Mission Dispensary will implement the project.

The mobile clinic will offer basic medical services like immunizations, treatment, family planning etc.


a. To offer mobile clinic that offer curative care (treatment), immunization services, maternity services, reduce the incidence of maternal mortality, child mortality, dehydration and malnutrition, antenatal care, post-natal care, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.

b. To enhance the capability of mother to look after the normal health and nutritional needs of the child through proper nutrition and health education.

c. To offer training, capacity building to community health workers, traditional birth attendant etc.

d. To educate the community as to the concept and philosophy of family planning and its importance for the family, community and society and to create confidence among the people in adopting this practice.

e. To support and supplement special health related activities and preventive programs such as literacy training for female, sanitation and low cost methods of providing safe drinking water, smokeless woven, latrine etc.

f. To encourage and support programs to integrate traditional and western systems of health care.

g. To raise the nutritional status of the community, especially mothers and children by the use of cheap, locally available and nutritious foods. To impart nutrition, education and nutrition cooking demonstration to convince mothers.

h. To arouse adequate consciousness about health and hygiene among villagers.

i. Initiate eye clinic, ENT clinic, out patients, immunization, family planning, pharmacy, HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, women clinic etc.

j. To link village with hospitals and hospice


The mobile clinic will cover 7 villages under Sogonoi and Ngorika main villages. Each village has an average of 3,500 people. The medical clinics will be held in local churches, schools or tents within each village.

We will have seven clinics per week.

For the success of the project we have held meetings with community leaders for mobilization. The church leaders and teachers will be used to pass the information to their constituents.

3. Community Involvement

At the grass root/village level: At this level we have to form Community clusters in every village.

The community cluster will preliminarily detect the high-risk mother and children through home visit and person-to-person communication method and she/he will also conduct group discussion to identify the rural need of the community people.

The community cluster will interact with people to make them conscious about the importance of birth control through different methods, immunization, regular health check up for pregnant mother and children up to 0-5 years of age, to diagnosis the high risk pregnant mothers and children prevention of epidemic diseases, oral re-hydration therapy. They will arouse general health consciousness amongst housewives, school students and youth clubs members.

4. Training and Education:

To change rural odd practices pertaining to health we will impart rural people necessary Training to acquire knowledge through our functional literacy center at grass root level and for youth club member, community leader and school teacher training will be given at Center level regarding Health and Family Welfare Sanitation and supply of safe drinking water and preparation of low cost nutrition supplementary food preparation to achieve our ultimate goal of making at least one Health worker in every house and to create general consciousness about health hazards amongst the target community member.

5. Outcome

Within two - three years of the mobile clinic the following will be achieved:

- Many children will have access to immunization

- Pregnant women will have access to ante natal care.

- Rate of infection with virus like polio will be almost zero

- Death rate will be minimized

- Birth rate will reduce

- Children will join school

- Bad practices like female genital mutilation will be eliminated after health education.

- Fourteen nurse aides will be trained

6. Sustainability

The community cluster in partnership with local leaders will be party of this project. After two - three years of the mobile clinic local leaders will be mobilized to construct medical clinic that will be run by nurse aides. Nurse aides will be trained through support of the grant raised from this project. The nurse aides will be recruited from the specific villages where they live. The community cluster leaders, Rotary Club of Gilgil will come up within an agreement for the nurse aide to work at the village at least for five years after the training. The government will supply vaccines and family planning devices and medicines through Rotary Club of Gilgil intervention.

Primary Host Partner

District: 9212

Rotary Club of: Gilgil

Primary Contact: Rev Josam Kariuki

Email: rewardcare@yahoo.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5790

Rotary Club of: Cross Timbers, Flower Mound

Primary Contact: Will Carlton

Email: wacarlton@gmail.com

Project Status

This project is "Paid". This means the funds have been received and the project is being implemented.

Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #1754351.

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Creation of project page.


by Will Carlton

System Entry: Pledge of $1,000 by Will Carlton of the Rotary Club of Flower Mound, District 5790.


by Will Carlton

System Entry: Pledge of $1,000 by Will Carlton of the Rotary Club of Cross Timbers, Flower Mound, District 5790.


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System Entry: Pledge of $1,000 by Rev Josam Kariuki of the Rotary Club of Gilgil, District 9212.


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System Entry: Pledge of $4,000 by Mike Sherwood of the Rotary Club of Flower Mound, District 5790.


by Will Carlton

System Entry: Project is now "Fully Pledged".


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System Entry: Application Sent to The Rotary Foundation through Member Access.


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I uploaded documents and photos submitted by Joe to RI in support of the Mobile Medical Clinic Project


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