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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Tamilnadu

Total Budget: $60,000

Area of Focus: Water and sanitation

I. You should include what needs have been identified.

There is more number of Government and Government aided schools in this part of the country. Parents of the children of these schools are poor and can't pay any fees. Education is provided free of cost by the Government; even the books are given free of cost by the Government. But these schools are not having sufficient Toilet facilities and hence, the hygiene condition is pathetic. Because of that the dropout is more, especially among the girl students. And the absenteeism is also high. Toilet facilities are the desperate need of these schools.

II. How the project will meet those needs, and the timeline for your project.

The Project aims at constructing 10 Toilet Blocks with hand-washing facility in 10 of these Schools; each one. This will help the students attend the nature's call without hesitation and their health and habit will improve. They will also be in a hygienic environment. This will result in reducing the drop outs from the schools; especially the Girl Students.

III. Please specify what the project funds will be used for.

The Project fund will be used for constructing Toilet Blocks in these needy schools and hygiene training will be provided by the Rotarians and the Teachers.

IV. How club members will be involved?

1. Club Members will identity suitable place for construction of Toilets.

2. They will liaison with the authorities to get permissions, if needed.

3. They will ensure proper water supply for the toilets.

4. They will identify quality constructors to build the toilet and help to negotiate and finalise the price.

5. They will oversee the construction and project execution; and ensure quality of the construction and the materials and equipment used.

6. They will give hygiene training to the Teachers, who in turn will educate the children on Hygiene.

7. They will take efforts to give wide publicity to the project so that Rotary's involvement will be made known to the public and the community.

8. After the completion of the project they will periodically visit the schools and ensure that it is properly maintained.

Primary Host Partner

District: 2982

Rotary Club of: Tiruchengode


Email: ts@sagarsyn.com

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Project Status

This project has been "Dropped". Check the history log entries to see why it was dropped.

Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

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