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Region: South-East Asia

Country: India

Location: Mumbai

Total Budget: $112,217

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Addiction is the biggest Mental Health problem in the world as well in East and South as in North and West. Very Rotarian wherever in the world has contact with addiction problems in his/her familie, Rotary club or professional environment. Besides the big and international discussions about legalizing or not, prevention is the priority and unfortunately the field with the least financial or structural effort. Rotary can help to train more people and Rotarians to strengthen the field of prevention all over the world in a continued sustainable action.

For Europe and the US the EU Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) and the US National Institute on Drug Abuse organize this trainings on a yearly bases for already 5 years. With this Global Grant the same training programs will be implemented in Asia and parallel a webinar training will be developed for Rotarians World Wide

Training of students, young professionals and Rotarians in addiction and addiction prevention. Students and young professionals in order to expand the number of professionals active in this field. Rotarians in order to become well informed intermediaries between local professional prevention organizations, local authorities, health organizations and schools, youth organizations, companies that need evidence based prevention programs for their organization. Evaluation of the training program in order to adapt the curriculum for the next training sessions.

50 students per year, 50 young professionals per year, 100 Rotarians per year for two years will benefit from the training and will become active to organize and implement evidence based addiction prevention programs in their local communities in cooperation with Rotary Clubs and with the support of the Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention. When the global grant is closed. The local University will continue the training program in close cooperation with EMCDDA and NIDA.

Primary Host Partner

District: 1620

Rotary Club of: Maldegem

Primary Contact: Yvan De Baerdemaecker

Email: yvan.de.baerdemaecker@telenet.be

Primary International Partner

District: 3140

Rotary Club of: Mumbai Ghatkopar

Primary Contact: Yogesh Zaveri

Email: neelayogesh@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $56,438
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Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

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Pledge of $2,625 with $2,625 DDF by Yvan De Baerdemaecker of the Rotary Club of Maldegem, District 1620.

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