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Project Description

Region: South-East Asia

Country: India

Location: Pune

Total Budget: $68,000

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

The project will be carried out in and around the city of Pune and targeted at underprivileged adult women. Breast and cervical cancer have the highest incidence of occurrence among women. Underprivileged women neither have awareness nor affordability to screen themselves for these diseases. Hence, late detection and, therefore, poor survival is common.

We plan to conduct outreach camps for awareness and detection of cancer among underprivileged women. The detected cases will be treated accordingly, because mere detection is almost a disservice.

The project will be undertaken over a period of one year, in which we plan to conduct 100 outreach camps. Each camp will screen 80 women. Thus, 8,000 women will be screened during the year. The camps will conducted in slum areas, for sanitation workers, micro-credit society members, etc.

In each primary screening camp following tests will be undertaken.

1. Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) and Breast Scan (iBE)

2. V.I.A. (Visual Inspection after Application of acetic acid) for Cervical Cancer

3. Hemoglobin estimation by fingerprint method.

Cases tested positive will be further investigated by mammography / sonography / biopsy and other methods.

Positive cases of cancer will be treated by a qualified team of expert doctors with standard care e.g.

- Modified radical mastectomy- MRM

- First line chemotherapy

The screening will be carried out by trained and experienced technicians, health-workers and volunteers of an NGO- Aastha (Empathy) Breast Cancer Support Group. Treatment will be carried out by oncologists associated with Aastha and Rotary Clubs in the District.

The Primary Club and the associated clubs will identify beneficiary communities and help organize the camps.

The co-operating organization- Aastha is an NGO working in this field for last 15 years. This organization is run by cancer survivors. It works with expert doctors and has trained technicians, health-workers and volunteers. It has conducted over 300 screening camps so far. This organization will be conducting the screening camps and the follow-up treatment.

Cost of the project

Cost Head Cost per Unit No. Amount in US$

1 Cost of screening camps 400 100 40,000

2 Diagnostic Work up and 100 80 8,000

3 Surgery for positive cases 400 15 6,000

4 Chemotherapy 400 15 6,000

5 Radiotherapy 800 5 4,000

6 Awareness and programs 400 10 4,000

Total 68,000

Primary Host Partner

District: 3131

Rotary Club of: Pune Central

Primary Contact: Polly Patel

Email: 42ppatel@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5330

Rotary Club of:

Primary Contact: Chehab Elawar

Email: shabdg201415@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $21,334
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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