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Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Piraquara- Paraná

Total Budget: $36,500

Areas of Focus: Basic education and literacy, Economic and community development

Project "Hope for the Children of Piraquara - Brazil"

Knowing the Education Center history João Paulo II

The Education Center João Paulo II, located at Rua Estefano kavetski, 65 in the district of Laranjeira, city of Piraquara, state of Paraná - Brazil, is a private non-economic purposes, which under President Thereza Elizabeth Bettega Castor has mission is to promote the integral formation of the human being, seeking their dignity and full citizenship.

It was created in 2007 by a group of volunteers led by Belmiro Valverde Jobim Castor, (In memoriam) and had its opening on April 26, 2010 to provide the children of the town of Laranjeira, in the municipality of Piraquara, access fully Free child education full time and school supplement (the period after the regular school activities) from 1st to 5th year of elementary school and 6th to 9th grade Elementary II.

For this, John Paul II Education Center provides for 300 children a school-concept especially designed for education of high quality.

The school receives no public financial assistance, account only with partners, among them employees individuals and some companies.

In order to strengthen the knowledge of the Curriculum Officer, are offered to students tuition Language Portuguese, Mathematics and workshops that encourage creativity as arts, music, theater, dance, and also sports activities, physical education, futsal and karate.

The João Paulo II Education Center completed in April 2016, six years of activities and remarkable achievements for a school that provides completely free quality education for low-income children. Maintained financially by partners and volunteers, the school currently serves 300 needy students 03-14 years old in Piraquara, greater metropolitan area of Curitiba. It offers food (3 meals), uniforms and school supplies and meets the period 07h50min to 16:50min.

The supplement program (period after regular school activities) four hours per day for 240 students from public and 60 not enrolled in the public school system. The 300 students thus have a daily school journey of more than eight hours, the same developed and two times higher than the common journey in Brazilian schools countries.

Students from kindergarten (full-time), receive three meals a day and Fundamental I and II (the period after the regular school activities) receive 2, a total of 700 daily meals.

Students of kindergarten are selected by the criterion of family income, the lower the income, the higher the priority for enrollment and who are residents near School. As for public school students included in the school supplement program (period after regular school activities), enrollment is universal, ie all interested students are enrolled, within the physical limits and center of technology.

The school maintenance costs around $ 38.200 (thirty-eight thousand and two hundred US dollars) per month, which should be fully covered by donations from partners and volunteers.

The Education Center João Paulo II was created to complement the school and is not for profit. None of its officers and directors receive any fee, remuneration or compensation for their work. By contrast works with teachers and staff paid with salaries consistent with their duties and volunteers.

Because the quality of education offered, since the implementation of demand Education Center has been increasing.

Results of the work

One of the biggest successes was the increase of the note in IDEB (Education Development Index Basic) by students of the School Julia Wanderlei, that make the school supplement program (period after regular school activities) at the Education Center João Paulo II. The 5.3 score obtained in the last assessment is higher than the average of municipal schools and the second highest score of the public schools in the municipality of Piraquara.

The results of the João Paulo II Educational Center are revealed in the strictly educational field. The IDEB data released by the Ministry of Culture and Education show that municipal and state schools showed significant improvement, reaching second largest municipality score in 2013.

The Education Center conducts technical surveys at the beginning and end of each year to measure the level of achievement on the contents established for each series in operation.

Consequently with the increase of students to staff and teachers also changed. Today we have 33 professionals, 17 employees, (4 administrative, general services 4, 5 in the kitchen, 2 guards and 2 trainees) all maintained by the Center for Education John Paul II) and 16 teachers. Grand total - 33.

The Center for Education João Paulo II, is satisfied to be working, with school and administrative routines established a technically skilled professional staff and above all, with a broad social recognition of the work being carried out.

Needs Education Center for 2016-2017.

Monitoring of activities carried out by John Paul II Education Center, members of the Rotary Club of Curitiba Guabirotuba and Rotary Club of Curitiba Oeste - D 4730, Paraná - Brazil, identified the opportunity to Serve Humanity, assisting and helping to improve the training and development of children benefit the Education Center with support from Rotary International Rotary Foundation through the Global Subsídeo Program.

Aiming at the constant improvement of the activities and services offered by the Educational Center and the inclusion of children in the digital world, the Rotary Club of Curitiba Guabirotuba proposed acquisition and donation to the Education Center: computer equipment (micro computers and printers); equipment for the activity rooms (furniture, projectors, televisions, toys infatins, ..); school supplies (notebooks, books, pencils, pens, itntas, fabrics, ..), which greatly contributed to the formation and development of children.

During the visits to the members of the Club Education Center also found that the center constantly receives donations of food, furniture and even clothing for the children, and they often end up not coming to the center in the absence of a suitable car and own the institution for the transport thereof, which has generated difficulties for the representatives of the institution can go to the site to receive and transport the donations to the physical facilities of the Educational Center.

To sanitize this difficulty, the Rotary Club of Curitiba Guabirotuba and Rotary Club of Curitiba West wish to acquire a suitable utility vehicle to form Education Center that enables the receipt of donations offered by the community and businesses.

Project Budget

1- Computer Stilo D 535550 e Monitor Led - 10 ud. equipment - R$ 15.380,00 - US$ 5126.70

2- Printer Multifuncional Offfcejet - 03 ud. equipment - R$ 4.190,00 - US$ 1396.60

3- Vehicle Fiorino-Furgão - 01 ud. vehicle - R$ 47.000,00 - US$15666.70

4- Scholl equipment and supplies - several Material - R$ 42.930,00 - US$14310.00

SUM - R$109.500,00 - US$36500.00

Funding Sources

RCC Guabirotuba - D 4730 (Brazil) Value (USD) 3000

RCC Oeste - D 4730 (Brazil) Value (USD) 4000

District 4730 - FDUC Value (USD) 2000

RC xxx (Partner International) Value (USD) 6000

District xx (Partner International)Value (USD) 6000

Rotary Foundation of R.I. Value (USD)15000

SUM Value (USD)36500

Primary Host Partner

District: 4730

Rotary Club of: Curitiba-Guabirotuba

Primary Contact: Paulo Borsari

Email: pauloborsari@globo.com

Primary International Partner

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Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

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