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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Pune

Total Budget: $101,000

Areas of Focus: Maternal and child health, Economic and community development

Pune Adventist Hospital is a privately run hospital which is operated by the Medical Trust of Seventh day Adventists. Seventh day Adventists have a chain of hospitals over the world and in India they are having presence through 14 hospitals spread across India. Pune Adventist Hospital is one of them. This hospital was established in the year 1973as a small dispensary to serve the basic medical emergencies of the Seventh day Adventist community in this area and neighbourhood. Over the years the need for the health care increased and the dispensary was converted into 8 bedded hospital by converting two bungalows in the eastern side of the Seventh day Adventists campus. The philosophy of treatment has always been a charitable philosophy. The hospital works with a motive to provide excellent medical treatment at minimum costs. It is run on the principle of no profit no gain. As a result of the popularity of the hospital the demand further increased and the hospital had to expand it further up to 42 beds. In this Salisbury Park and Gultekadi area there are 9 slum areas where in the population is about 4 lakhs. Not only the patients from economically backward class come to this hospital but also the patients from affluent class also avail of the hospital's health care services.

Different categories of patients requiring different kind of treatment (outpatient, casualty, inpatients, ICU patients) will be the beneficiaries of this grant. Last year for all these categories over 41,600 patients received the health care treatment and with the additional equipments now proposed to be installed out of the global grant there will be additional inflow of patients and we expect that over 50000 patients will stand benefited of this global grant. The equipment proposed to be installed also includes operation theatre equipment and last year the number of operation performed was: Major operations: 395, Minor 393. With the new equipments and facilities this number will also go high.

Equipments: (Name, Qty, Purpose, Amount ion local currency, Amount in USD)

1 a) Phocoemulsification set Medical equipment 15 Lacs US$ 22532.67

b) A scan machine 3 Lacs . US$ 4506.53

c) Operating Microscope

Retinal Microscope 18 Lacs . US$ 27039.20

d) Auto refractor, chair,

Kerotometer 4 Lacs . US$ . 6008.71

2 Cardiac Ambulance Emergency Patient carrier . 18 Lacs . US$ 27039.20

3 Well baby clinic Gynecological medical units

a) Baby warmer units - 3 3 Lacs US$ . 4506.53

b) Photo therapy units -2

c) CTG Maternal unit: 1

4 Solar Systems Water heating equipment 1.5 Lacs US$ . 2253.26

a) Water heating system

capacity: 1000 ltrs.

b) Power Pack of 2 KWH Power generation . 2.8 Lacs . US$ . 4206.09

Total 65.3 Lacs . US$ 98092.19

(With rounding off of dollar it may come to- USD 101000.00

Role of Club Rotarians:

1 . PDG. Sudhir Rashingkar Primary contact Global Grant communication

2 . Rtn. Parag Sura Communication with the said Hospital Authorities.

3 . Rtn. Dilip Deshpande . Periodical visits and project execution

4 . PP. Vidyasagar Jadhav Monitoring of the project execution and evaluation.

5 . PE. Abhijit Mhasakar . Report generation and Publicity.

Project Implementation Schedule:

1 . Application for Grant and Approval Two months

2 . Receiving the Grant and preparations One month

3 . Purchase the equipments etc. Three months

4 . Starting of activities and use of the equipment One month

5 . Finalisation of accounts and reporting Two months

Primary Host Partner

District: 3131

Rotary Club of: Poona Mid Town

Primary Contact: Mukund Kamalakar

Email: mukund@suryatechsolarsystems.com

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This project has been "Dropped". Check the history log entries to see why it was dropped.

Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

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