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Region: Asia

Country: USA

Location: Buffalo

Total Budget: $250,000

Area of Focus: Water and sanitation

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Himalayan HealthCare has been working in the Dhading district of Nepal the last 25 years.

The work involves income generation, education and healthcare. Northern Dhading has several villages which are only reached by foot. The walk requires three days and involves mountainous terrain.

HHC has established schools, adult education projects, agro income projects, a craft business using recycled plastic wrappers, and healthpost clinics in the villages of Tipling, Lapa and Sherthung.The clinics are staffed by local Nepali people educated via HHC scholarship funds. The clinics are visited and aided by healthcare professionals sent by HHC. HHC has achieved a marked reduction in mortality and improved the lives of the residents of this remote region. The work can be seen in a documentary Hearts In The Himalayas, found at himalayan-healthcare.org.

The earthquake of April 2015 caused destruction of infrastructure and left thousands of people homeless. Dhading was at the epicenter. There was a marked increase in diarrheal illness following the quake.

Water samples for the entire district of Dhading demonstrate high coliform counts. The water is not safe to drink. There is no clean drinking water in the entire district. This is true for almost all of Nepal.

Those living in the remote village of Lapa have been in the educational fold of HHC for many years and realize that their community suffers from a lack of clean water. The community has formed a clean water committee and asked HHC to partner with them in a clean water project. The committee, representing everyone in the community, has decided on an action plan to charge residents for clean water, thus making the infrastructure implemented by HHC sustainable.

An engineering team has visited the spring above the village of Lapa and made a structural plan for collecting the water, piping it to a cistern, purifying the water, and delivering it by conduits to the courtyards of clusters of homes.

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Rotary Club will partner with the Kathmandu Metro Club to raise a Global Grant, contributing to the $250,000 project. Using the good name of RI the remaining funds will be obtained from other grant partners.

HHC is a non governmental, 501c3 organization based in the United States. The HHC agenda is not political or religious. Another arm of HHC is based in Nepal with a separate board of directors and partners with HHC NY.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3292

Rotary Club of: Kathmandu Metro

Primary Contact: Bhoo Arun Malla

Email: adcores95@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 7090

Rotary Club of: Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

Primary Contact: Ajay Thakur

Email: dr.ajaythakur@gmail.com

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Need $136,334
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Project listed for the 2017-18 Rotary Year.

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