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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Total Budget: $35,357

Areas of Focus: Water and sanitation, Economic and community development

Project Description

Region: Asia Country: India Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India Total Budget: $35357/-

Area of Focus: Water conservation for recharging borewells and groundwater level.

LEAD CLUB -- Rotary club of Pune South (RCPS) is one of the foremost clubs in District 3131. The club was chartered in 1970. No. 15529. Major projects completed in the last 5 years.

*In 2011-12, vaccination of 1052 rural children upto 6 years' age was completed saving $42080 for families below poverty line, with funding from Norwegian RC. Focus area - Disease prevention

*In 2012-13 club donated neo-natal ICU at a charity hospital at Pune worth $ 32,000. GLobal Grant. (life saving)

*In 2013-14 club donated "e-learning" units to 45 schools in rural Maharashtra, worth $ 27,582. (education)

*In 2014-15 Rainwater harvesting unit was fixed at a school for gifted children. Value $ 3226. (water conservation)

*In 2015-16 A remote rural school at Pasli was provided with infra structure worth $17641, apparels for girls worth $ 410 and one e-learning unit worth $676. (education) **In May 2016, At Bajarwadi, a remote village, water conservation project was completed by desilting 2200 Cu Mtr. off a bund by spending $ 1000. It will provide drinking water to 1348 villagers and irrigation to 164 hectares. Contribution of local people was worth $ 3235. (water conservation) (jointly with RCP University)


Eastern parts of Pune district are draught prone areas being in the rainshadow of western ghat ranges. Most of the villages still depend on rainfed wells and borewells for drinking water supply. The state government has provided villages and rural schools with borewells, fitting handpumps on them for extracting water. Most of the borewells dry up after March as groundwater levels deplete fast, in the post-monsoon seasons.

Villagers have to fetch water from other sources which are 1- 4kms away and/or prone to pollution. Thus, in 183 villages accommodating 1,64,000+ need to recharge borewells in order to serve drinking water a few months after monsoon, is highlighted in our survey.

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT - (i) To stop seasonal migration of rural labour towards cities.

(ii) To recharge borewells for drinking water and groundwater levels in the pre-monsoon, monsoon and post monsoon seasons by capturing scarce precipitation.

(iii) Surplus water will be diverted to natural reservoirs and constructed storage capacities downstream, by gravitation. To make more water available for cultivating additional crops or horticultural crops, thus helping economic uplift of people.

(iv) To grow fodder and forests thus helping conservation of micro-ecosystem.


(i)To erect rainwater harvesting structures on school buildings and village council offices in each selected village.

(ii) The captured water will be used to recharge nearest borewells applying a locally developed and tested pipeline structure which uses natural filters and is very cost effective.

(iii) On the spot assembly and erection of water conservation structures will be done by locally trained youth, which will be contribution of villagers and their involvement in the project.

(iv) Awareness and educative sessions will be conducted for villagers in "water literacy", which is a specially designed and developed training for optimum utilization of water.

LOCATIONS - Already 183 villages in 6 tehsils of Pune district have been identified. Discussions with villagers are under way.

FINANCIAL - Each water harvesting cum recharging unit costs approximately Rs. 10,000/- [$147]. Initially, 220 points have been selected::220 X 147 = $ 32340.

+ for "water literacy" training $ 1,400.

+ 5% for publicity and PI $ 1617

Total = $ 35357/-


(i) Villagers will contribute by way of unskilled labour for erecting the pipeline structures. (2mandays X 220 units X INR 175/manday "minimum wages" = $1132/-)

(ii) School authorities, elected village council and Local women's self help micro credit groups will sign a MoU with Rotary club for maintenance of the structures.


(i) Actual construction of pipeline structures by expert agency and unskilled labour as help to the work.

(ii) Social audit and reporting of the project will be done by an independent NGO involving beneficiaries also.

SUSTAINABILITY OF PROJECT - Availability of drinking water throughout the year Being a dire need for villagers, they will take care of the project properly for minimum 7 years. Especially women being involved in the maintenance, longer life of project is guaranteed.

PARTNERS - Looking for local and foreign partners.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3131

Rotary Club of: Pune South

Primary Contact: Sudhanshu Gore

Email: goresudhanshu@yahoo.com

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Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

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