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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Total Budget: $35,176

Areas of Focus: Water and sanitation, Economic and community development

Region: Asia Country: India Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India Total Budget: $35176/-

AREA OF FOCUS: Water conservation and recharge of groundwater table in drought prone parts of Pune district.

LEAD CLUB -- Rotary club of Pune South (RCPS) was chartered in 1970. No.15539. It is one of the foremost clubs in District 3131. Major projects completed in the last 5 years.

*In 2011-12, vaccination of 1052 rural children upto 6 years' age was completed saving $42080 for families below poverty line, with funding from Norwegian RC. Focus area - Disease prevention

*In 2012-13 club donated neo-natal ICU at a charity hospital at Pune worth $ 32,000. GLobal Grant. (Focus area - life saving)

*In 2013-14 club donated 1 filter plant for drinking water to a school (80 students) and to a village of 750 population ($6667) and 1 more to a school (800 students) and neighbourhood of 200 population. ($4700) Focus area - Disease prevention

*In 2014-15 Rainwater harvesting unit was fixed at a residential school for 112 gifted children. ($ 3226). (Focus area - water conservation)

**club donated "e-learning" units to 45 schools in rural Maharashtra, worth $ 27,582. (Focus area - education)

*In 2015-16 A remote rural school at Pasli was provided with infra structure worth $17641, apparels for girls worth $ 410 and one e-learning unit worth $676. (Focus area - education)

**In May 2016, At Bajarwadi, a remote village, water conservation project was completed by desilting 2200 Cu Mtr. off a bund by spending $ 1000. It will provide drinking water to 1348 villagers and irrigation to 164 hectares. Contribution of local people was worth $ 3235. (water conservation) (jointly with RCP University)


Eastern parts of Pune district are draught prone areas being in the rainshadow region of western ghat ranges. The government constructed percolation tanks after the severe droughts of 1972-75 on the rivulets in this region but over the years natural silting reduced their respective storage capacity. In 2015 it was realized that all those reservoirs needed desilting. Government encouraged large scale desilting works.

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT - (i) To make drinking water available for whole year in storage tank as also to recharge underground water table substantially by increasing reservoir capacity.

(ii) Surplus water available for minor irrigation for taking additional crops or horticultural crops, thus helping economic uplift of people.

(iii) To make excavated fertile soil available to villagers for their farmlands .

(iv) To check seasonal migration of rural labour towards cities.

LOCATION -.villages Khalad and Bopgaon in Puarandar Tehsil of Pune district.

FINANCIAL - calculated expenses --

Village Total area

Hectare Popu Benefit to

area Ha Work Vol. esti.

Cu. M. Cost esti.

INR Cost esti.


Khalad 1260 3100 512 Desilt 50000 16,00,000 23530

Bopgaon 1349 2755 673 desilt 15,000 4,80,000 7060

Cost of desilting work - 30590 + 5% for local NGO admin. Charges - 1530 = 32120 + Water literacy training -- 1450

+ publicity and PI -- $ 1606

Grand Total - $ 35176 /-

Calculated cost benefit --

INR 40,000 per hectare per season X 1185 h = 47400000/- == $697059 per season

Population is 5855 :: $ 119 per capita per season Increase in income.

PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION STRATEY - (i) After February 2017, as the reservoirs dry up, excavation and removal of silt will be done.

(ii) villagers will take silt to their farmlands which is bio and inorganic enriched soil.

(iii) Awareness and educative sessions will be conducted for villagers in "water literacy", which is a specially designed and developed training for adopting new vision, new habits and new technology. Resulting in optimum utilization of water.

(iv) to establish a local body for monitoring rational use of water throughout the year.


Local population has already shown readiness to contribute by way of voluntary labor work required at various stages of implementation of project.

Monitoring, implementation and evaluation of the project - for this purpose, a committee comprising villagers, and representatives of local NGO and Rotary will be formed .

Sustainability - After desilting, widening and deepening of culverts will be done. Once done, it is sustainable for minimum 10 years, means desilting will not be required.

Time Plan : Start in March 2017 - Completion May 2017

Participants : Villagers + local NGO- Gram Gaurav Prathishthan

Partners - Looking for local and foreign partners for funding

Primary Host Partner

District: 3131

Rotary Club of: Pune South

Primary Contact: Sudhanshu Gore

Email: goresudhanshu@yahoo.com

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Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

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