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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Kenya

Location: Narok, Kenya

Total Budget: $69,000

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Water and sanitation, Maternal and child health


More than 2,000 people living in 10 villages in the Maasai Mara community of Narok, Kenya including 650 children need access to clean water for drinking and for sanitation and toilets. Currently, these community members rely on the local polluted stream or have to walk at least 2 miles (4 km) to the nearest clean water source to retrieve water. This task, typically reserved for women and children, creates barriers to education and literacy and creates risky situations in which persons collecting water are vulnerable to attacks from the wild animals also drinking water from the stream. Villagers are also having to use unsanitary pit latrines in the dangerous bush. The pit latrines often are located in the thick brush and children have been attacked by wild animals while using them.


Our objective is to create a clean water pumping system that provides drinking water and water for cooking and sanitation. In addition to the pumping system, we will install flushing pit latrine toilets and hand washing stations at bathrooms. Some of the Maasai women are involved in a soap making project (selling soap to safari lodges) and want to expand their product line and production. Consistent access to clean water will allow the existing women's soap making project to at least triple its current production, increase its current monthly income of 10,000 ksh (approximately $100) and grow from 50 employees to as many as 150.

The Rotary Club of Irvine identified this project with the help of Nelson Ole Reiyia of With My Own Two Hands, who will be overseeing the water and sanitation project. Joel currently runs the I See Maasai Initiative project, as well as the Oldarpoi Camp, a local Maasai safari camp that benefits the community through its proceeds.


A natural spring reservoir already exists at the Oldarpoi safari camp that can hold up to 100,000 liters of water. We will create a system that will pump approximately 20,000 liters of water daily to communal tanks. Creating a clean water pumping system will immediately provide drinking water for 2,000 people. The water will be purified through a spring box development plan. In the future, it may be feasible to add a water bottling plant at the Oldarpoi Camp to increase revenue for the project.

A community water board will be involved in the planning and running of the project. Each water point will have an elected management committee charged with the daily running of the water project. The committees are established through elections and traditional leadership structures within the community. Clean water will help empower more women in the community. The women involved will be able to learn about entrepreneurship as well as provide additional income for their families and the school.

Training for community management and the operator will be carried out to ensure proper management of the project. Trainings will be held by renowned water engineer and builder Jared Anekeya and Nelson Ole Teiyia. The trainings will take place at the beginning of implementation to ensure active participation of the committee and operator.


This project can be completed within about 12 weeks after funding. Oversight will be provided by With My Own Two Hands and by Rotary International via the Rotary Club of Irvine (California) and the Rotary Club of Nairobi Karengata (Kenya).



Materials will be purchased locally in Kenya, benefiting the local economy. Costs in USD are shown below.

1: Pipeline (5,800 meters) $19,145

2: Distribution tank $6,308

3: Animal water trough $2,126

4: Water kiosks $10,580

5: Communal water points $1,338

6: Underground storage tank $6,531

7: Spring protection box $5,900

8: Pumping system $6,619

9: Bathrooms $10,580

TOTAL $69,127

Current Funding

Rotary Club of Irvine

Rotary Club of Newport-Balboa

Rotary Club of Nairobi Karengata

With My Own Two Hands Foundation

Anticipated DDF/TRF Matching

Remaining Need $13,500

Primary Host Partner

District: 9212

Rotary Club of: Nairobi-Karengata

Primary Contact: Fam Boit

Email: boitfam2@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5320

Rotary Club of: Irvine

Primary Contact: Ray Benedicktus

Email: raybene@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $39,067
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #1749128.

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San Diego South Bay (5340)





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