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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: Nepal

Location: Lalitpur District

Total Budget: $41,933

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Economic and community development

Health care in Nepal is extremely limited. The front line of Nepal's Health Care infrastructure is the village level "Health Post" (HP) staffed by two health workers. This project will improve the capacity of eight Health Posts in Lalitpur District outside Kathmandu by providing very basic equipment and upgrading health worker capacity. An additional project component will increase the earning capacity of women as a way to improve health by giving families access to higher quality food and improve living standards. Needs have been determined through a cooperative effort of the Rotary Club of Kasthamandap working with local officials including the Ministry of Health.

Partnership. This Global Grant involves a partnership between Encinitas Rotary and the Rotary Club of Kasthamandap of Kathmandu (RCK) in cooperation with the Women's Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal (WEAN). We have a positive track record with RCK through a microfinance project, as well as funds distribution after the 2015 earthquake. WEAN, known to both clubs for its good reputation in implementation and delivery of services, has an on-the-ground presence in the target areas.

Project Components

Improve capacity of health workers at the targetted HPs to deliver basic medical services, including training in emergencies, dental and eye care, and delivery labor.

Replace worn out basic equipment and medical furniture (e.g., suture sets, delivery sets, blood pressure meters, sterilizers, pulse oximeters, weighing scales, exam and delivery tables, etc.) and improve HP toilet facilities.

Increase children's understanding of preventative health and hygiene.

Improve the income earning capacity of women, particularly in the agriculture sector.

Illustrative Success indicators

Increased numbers of cases treated at the health posts and reduction in referrals to Kathmandu

Increased vaccination levels

Increased school visits with health messages, followed up by assessments of health awareness, improved practices (hand washing, etc), and reduction in health issues among children.

Increased number of women with new skills and who start new businesses

Use of increased income for improved diet, family health, education and living conditions.

Partner Roles:

Rotary of Kasthamandap - Health Component: needs assessment with local officials (completed). Procure supplies (bids already received). Assist in equipment delivery. Visit communities to monitor progress. Arrange for training of health workers at Medical College in Kathmandu, and review HP reports.

Women's Capacity Building: coordinate with WEAN to identify training needs and deliver training programs. Monitor WEAN budget, procurements and payments.

Encinitas Rotary Club. Maintain close contact with RCK via email and Skype regarding project progress. Monitor project reports and financial summaries from RCK. Update Encinitas Rotary Members on progress, including posting on website and social media. Ensure that fund transfers take place.

Timeline after receipt of grant:

Month 1 - 2: Procurement and delivery of medical equipments, instruments and furniture to all 8 Health Posts.

Annual follow up visit to health posts for physical verification and interaction with health workers, and District Health officials.

Month 3-8: Training to Health Workers at Medical college, Kathmandu, 1 month.


Month 1-3: Coordination with WEAN, vist to locations, identify training programs, women's groups and logistics set up. All 4 trainings and new business start up to be completed within 4 months of project commencement date [winter Dec-March].

Follow up post training and new projects for another 8 months at intervals. This would cover one year of project start up.

Month 2-6: Conduct one day orientation program at each of the 8 schools by Health Workers / Technicians

Primary Host Partner

District: 3292

Rotary Club of: Kasthamandap Kathmandu

Primary Contact: Prabhu Bhandary

Email: prbhandary@jb.com.np

Primary International Partner

District: 5340

Rotary Club of: Encinitas

Primary Contact: Verne Scholl

Email: vernescholl@gmail.com

Project Status

Application Sent
This project is "Application Sent". This means the application has been sent to The Rotary Foundation, waiting to be approved.

Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #1864107.

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