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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Saburdi,Rajgurunagar,Pune

Total Budget: $95,250

Areas of Focus: Water and sanitation, Economic and community development

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BACKGROUND: The village cluster of Saburdi consists of about 5 small villages about 70 kms from Pune, where about 1200 families reside. The villagers are poor and perennial water shortage has made the traditional activities of farming, cattle keeping etc. unfeasible. Deprived of livelihood, the young people have migrated to cities or are living in the villages at the lowest level subsistence. The women have to walk for 8-10 km for a bucket of water. The villagers some- how survive on rain and food grains produced in the four months of rainy season. This village cluster is in a difficult mountainous terrain and is generally poor and neglected cluster where the villagers themselves are also very poor, uneducated & oppressed.

OBJECTIVE: To transform this village cluster & alleviate the suffering of the poor villagers by systematically & scientifically addressing the problems of water and developing other suitable means of livelihood to convert the village cluster into a "Happy Village".

INITIAL STUDY: Rotary Club of Nigdi with its team of committed Rotarians (Engineers) has been doing water and sanitation projects in this area for past one year. Enpro Industries Pvt. Ltd, a company owned by a Rotarian member is also a CSR partner to these projects.To ensure all-round and sustainable development of this village cluster, it was decided to engage BAIF, an Gandhian organization which is having expertise in the field of rural development and has been working all over India for past 60 years. The present project is as outcome of the initial survey of needs and means study by the BAIF experts.

Highlights of the conclusion are that there is a need to :

To improve water availability in the region through site specific water resource development measures

To enable the farmers to cultivate second crop

To improve access to water for different uses.

To increase the income of the farmers

To provide them additional livelihood options.


No. Description Cost in USD

1: Repair of existing water harvesting structure 31384

2: Spring development & well deepening 19386

3: Construction of water harvesting structure 21537

4: Repair of existing storage tanks 6020

5: Bio-gas plants 4615

6: BAIF (Professional cum Consultant) fees 12308

7: Total budget: 95250

BENEFICIARIES: The beneficiaries are 4500 poor backward villagers from villages of Saburdi, Washere and Wajavane, in an extreme backward rural area about 80 kms North of Pune, India. The livelihood and life of the entire village cluster will change. The women and children especially benefit from this project as they do not have to daily travel for water and education (schools have become dysfunctional due to lack of water).

IMPLEMENTATION: The project will be implemented by Rotary Club of Nigdi-Pune under the supervision of BAIF & Service Project Director with a team of dedicated Rotarians- Engineers. The project execution time is estimated to be 6 months from commencement

ROTARY CLUB OF NIGDI: Rotary club of Nigdi is a 102 member strong and vibrant club. The club has a reputation of doing large impactful social projects. It has a history of executing excellent global grant project, notably:

a. Chiramitram -a project kidney patient care $

b. 10 Phaco machines to Ethiopia which will transform the lives of over 500000 blind/ partial blind Ethiopians $ 1,22,500.

c. Human Milk Bank : 10000 annual beneficiaries (poor babies) $66000.

The enthusiastic members of our club participate whole hearted in these activities not only by money but dedicating real time and effort on the ground at the project site.

APPEAL : We are appealing to your Club / District, to participate in this benevolent project for the absolute needy by becoming a contributing sister club to this project. Our club is contributing about 40% of the total cost. We hope to raise about $ 20000 from various foreign clubs/ district.

Kindly let us know your decision as well as the amount of the above that your club /district wishes to participate in.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3131

Rotary Club of: Nigdi-Pune

Primary Contact: Suhas Dhamale

Email: suhas@ceedeevacuum.net

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Need $63,500
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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