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Region: South America

Country: Argentina

Location: General José San Martin

Total Budget: $97,500

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Water, sanitation and hygiene

The project consists of supplying drinking water to a rural colony near the city of General José de San Martín with a lot of poor population but that has great productive potential for the future. It's planned to build a secondary network from the main aqueduct in operation that provides water to the aforementioned city to an existing water cistern in the rural colony . It includes the strategic partnership with the state company SAMEEP that will be responsible for providing the machinery, pay for labor and perform technical supervision, while the GG will acquire materials consisting of 110 mm pipes through tenders with local suppliers. of diameter, joints, valves, clamps and other accessories of the system that will travel underground about 9,000 ms. from the main aqueduct

to an existing cistern that will be replaced by another one with ultraviolet protection with a capacity of 20 cubic meters and from there elevating the water with electric pumps to an elevated tank from where by gravity the water will be distributed to the beneficiaries through a home network already existing but whose water from local drilling has poor sanitary quality and irregular volume.

Some 50 families will benefit, mostly of very humble condition, including aboriginal population (TOBA ethnic group) as well as one (1) Sanitary Post; one (1) Rural School; one (1) Church; one (1) Police detachment being the most urgent need to have constant and healthy water to ensure the prevention of any type of diseases in families. The project includes tasks of training and raising awareness of the beneficiary community through talks, meetings, workshops, meetings and theoretical and practical classes at the Public School in the place with teachers who works there, SAMEEP's technicians and rotarians about responsible management of drinking water, hygiene and health care and healthy food and cooking, with active and integrated participation of children and adults of each family. The beneficiary community has not only been the promoter of the project but also will collaborate during the execution of the work and then for the conservation of the same to the extent of its possibilities thus ensuring its empowerment. The sustainability of the project is also assured because the cooperating organization also has the necessary spare parts and technicians and will maintain the replacement of the materials and the technical supervision during the entire useful life of the work.

General San Martin is located in the Province of Chaco, Argentina,120 km from the state capital . It is the head town of 7 small towns according to the 2010 Census. It has 41473 inhabitants, distributed 67% in the urban area and 33% in the rural area. (13349 inhabitants). They do not know how to read or write 13% of the total population, which rises twice in the rural area. At present, the unemployment rate is around 9.1%. It should be noted that in the world almost 2 million people die each year due to diseases linked to unsafe water consumption.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4845

Rotary Club of: General José de San Martín

Primary Contact: Hugo Alberto Mujica

Email: mujica.hugo@gmail.com

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Need $97,400
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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