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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Pudukkottai

Total Budget: $54,746

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

Ranee's Girls Government Higher Secondary School was started in the year 1883, it is more than 130 years old school. At present 2300 students are studying in this school. There are 78 teaching staffs and 10 non- teaching staffs are working here. Out of which 839 Girl Students from VI to X standards in secondary standard are studying here. Since it is in urban area, mostly lower middle class students only seeking admissions in this school.


The state government provides insufficient funds to the school, causing the school children to suffer. Due the lack of class rooms Class 7th & 8th students are forced to sit open area under the Trees. It seems very pathetic, many students are struggling to concentrate on their studies in different type of whether conditions. If we implement the project to build four class rooms may accommodate more than 250 girl student needs every year.

Normally attendance is irregular, Absenteeism is higher than normal due to poor infrastructure sanitation & related health issues. The high dropout rates have been reducing the number of students every year. Hence students lack motivation to attend school & concentrate on their studies & extracurricular activities. Providing new classrooms to girl students it will be comfortable & motivational environment for the school children to focus on their education. The project will provide ample toilet & clean water facilities as needed.


Building Repairs: Rs 39,96,550

TOTAL: Rs 39,96,550 ($54,747 @ Rs 73 = $1.00 October 2018)


Contributors Contribution TRF Matching

Contribution from District 3000: 10,000 USD

Host Club Contribution, TRF Matching

International District

Total $ 54,746 USD


New class rooms will improve school enrollment & attendance, reduce dropout rates, spread healthy habits in the family & community, prevent diseases & improve academic performance. The teachers will also be trained to improve their pedagogical methods of teaching to take advantage of the better infrastructure and benefit the students. About 250 school children in this Ranees's girls higher secondary school will benefit directly & indirectly 1000 family members will be positively impacted.


Rotary Club of Pudukkottai Kingtown & RID 3000, India

For further details:

Contact: Rtn.Wilson Anand Xavier, Contact No: 9942904575 & Mail ID : xwilsand@gmail.com

Primary Host Partner

District: 3000

Rotary Club of: Pudukkottai King Town

Primary Contact: Wilson Anand

Email: xwilsand@gmail.com

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Need $18,164
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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