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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Belém

Total Budget: $32,500

Areas of Focus: Basic education and literacy, Economic and community development

1. Description and history of the project

- It is a project whose purpose is to arouse the interest of students in the use of technological tools in solving everyday problems of life, integrating with the regular curriculum learned in school, theory and practice related to robotics, automation and energy efficiency.

- Given the current stage of technology development, as well as the future scenario for the job market, this project will demonstrate to students and the community that orbits the Rotary Municipal School the opportunities and opportunities for learning related content. use of technological tools of robotics, automation and energy efficiency.

- Built by the Municipal Government of Belém-PA, in cooperation with the Rotary Club, in an area donated by the "Jesus de Nazaré" Educandário. Inaugurated and incorporated into the school network of the Municipality of Belém in September 1969. Currently the school attends classes in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and EJA (Youth and Adult Education) in an area in need of the periphery of Belém, which presents high rates of violence.

2. General Purpose of the Project

The main objective of the project is to disseminate the possibilities and opportunities of the use of technology and aspects related to energy efficiency in developing solutions to the daily problems of communities, as well as to provide the first contact with robotics and its capacity to contribute to the insertion in the labor market.

3. The specific objectives of the project

Demonstrate basic concepts of robotics and automation; implement an energy efficiency project in the Rotary school auditorium; present content related to energy efficiency; developing team projects, fostering the construction of shared solutions, based on the collaborative behavior of the students; awakening within the community the interest in using low-cost technological tools to solve problems; stimulate the efficient use of energy in meeting the residential and commercial demands of the community.

4. Diagnosis

• Knowledge of technological tools and their applicability is very low in the public school system.

• Most schools do not have specific laboratories for teaching related to robotics, automation and energy efficiency.

• The community is not yet part of the modern labor market, which is closely related to the use of technology and the consequent reduction of manual activities, which require more physical than intellectual effort.

• Electric energy represents a reasonable cost of the school budget, which makes it difficult to use the physical spaces.

5. Results to be achieved with the project

• Dissemination of the importance of learning about technologies in conjunction with the regular school curriculum.

• Development of awareness of teamwork to solve problems on the part of students and the community in general.

• Development of leadership attributes within students

• Understanding by the community of the possibilities of efficient use of electric energy, including possible reduction of electricity costs.

6. Systems or processes affected

- The project will awaken faculty, students and the community at large for the necessary synergy between theory and practice, mainly from the use of technologies related to robotics, automation and energy efficiency along with regular curriculum disciplines such as , mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, history, etc.

- Members of the Rotary Club of Belém will support the entire project, contributing directly, participating in the project activities, or indirectly facilitating the relationship with the community.

7. Budget

a) 1st Phase - Energy Efficiency - US $ 26,700.00

b) 2nd Phase - Robotics - U $ 5,800.00

c) Total - US $ 32,500.00

Primary Host Partner

District: 4720

Rotary Club of: Belém

Primary Contact: Ricardo Caçapietra

Email: ricardocasapietra@hotmail.com

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Project Status

Need $21,667
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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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