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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: Philippines

Location: Sariaya, Quezon

Total Budget: $39,000

Areas of Focus: Water, sanitation and hygiene, Community economic development

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Project Description

Barangay Sto Cristo Ilaya Community is one of the farflung sitio of Sto Cristo in the municipality of Sariaya Quezon with almost 300 households. This sitio is suffering from lack of water since the existence of the community. They depend only from the stream flow of water from the foot Mt. Banahaw with almost 6kms away which is very vulnerable and frequently destroyed by extreme weather condition. In this case, the people buys water from delivery trucks even at a high price.

The main goal of the project is primarily to give the community an access to potable water for their domestic and agricultural use. By providing them water will help them improve their lives with piece of mind. This could also address health, sanitation and education.

The Community Based Water system project will not only benefit the community within the barangay but also the adjacent barangay of Pinagbakuran and Sampaloc can also benefit from the project.

This could also address sanitation and hygiene. After the project completion, it will be turned over to the established organization in the community and it will be supervised by the host club together with the local government unit.

The project will be sustainable because it will generate income from the use of water and the organization will be trained in proper financial management and leadership. Maintenance cost and other expenditures in implementing the project will also from the users fees.

The project could address education, health and sanitation because there will be a regular supply of water in every households, students can now focus on their studies instead of fetching water from the nearby community. This also assure the health and sanitation because the community can now put up toilets.

Access to clean water could address sanitation and hygiene. By providing them water will help them improve their lives with piece of mind. This could also address health and sanitation and education. Children can now focus on their studies, the people can grow economically because they can focus on their works and can also eradicate waterborne diseases.

The project is a deepwell drilling with overhead tank that can support the water needs of the community identified by the project that could benefit 300 households.

Project's impact can be measured thru:

* Number of people benefitting from the water

* Decrease of expenditures from regular supply of water from outside sources

* Increase sanitation facility (toilets) per household

* Increase awareness among residents on proper hygienic practices

* economic stability

* Decrease incidence of water borne disease

Monitoring and evaluation

RC Sariaya and Community Services committee will work hand in hand for purposes of

monitoring and evaluation

Location of the Project

The Project will take place at Sitio Gamboa, Barangay Sto Cristo, Sariaya Quezon,


Target Project Implementation is

August 05, 2019-December, 2019 (120 calendar days)

Primary Host Partner

District: 3820

Rotary Club of: Sariaya

Primary Contact: Joji Roxas

Email: joji_tcrac@yahoo.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $38,000
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Project listed for the 2022-23 Rotary Year.

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