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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Dindigul

Total Budget: $37,200

Area of Focus: Water and sanitation

NAME OF THE PROJECT Pudhu Vazhvu Water and Sanitation project @ Adianathu Camp

PROJECT OBJECTIVES Targeted Sri Lankan refugees live in an improved physical environment by

- Constructing 1 toilet block (10Toilets).

- 1 borehole dug

- 1 RO plant established

BRIEF PROJECT SUMMARY Since 1983, Tamil Nadu has received multiple waves of Sri Lankan refugees due to a twenty-six year civil conflict in Sri Lanka. People who faced internal displacement, disrupted schools, loss of livelihoods, and a continued risk of violence sought refuge in neighbouring Tamil Nadu. Today a total of 72,969 Sri Lankan refugees are living in 107 camps in Tamil Nadu on marginal and small pieces of land in dilapidated buildings and warehouses. These conditions result in a lack of privacy, over-crowding, recurring health risks, and a heightened risk of violence to women and girls.

Adianathu camp has 678 people living in 208 families (this includes those without camp registration). Most of those in this camp came in 1990-91, from Mullaithivu, Mannar areas in Sri Lanka. The camp is located in a private land, owned by an individual, and is located on elevated land surrounded by boulders and rocks.

Water for drinking and other domestic purposes have been a constant challenge in Adiyanuthur camp. Currently the camp is dependent on a bore well located a kilometre from the camp. Each family gets about 100 to 120 litres per day. The camp incumbents depend on water that they purchase at substantial cost for all further needs.

Previous experience shows that a geo-hydrological survey is required to select appropriate sites for drilling. A suitable site and appropriate technology will be used to enable the camp have access to a sustainable water source.

The Government has set up a total of 40 toilets (during different time periods - 20 toilets during 1990 and 20 toilets thereafter), at the north side of the camp location. Owing to various reasons, such as incomplete construction / privacy issues and lack of water supply to the toilets, people have access to only 10 toilets that are presently functional. More recently people have stopped accessing these 10 toilets due to the acute water scarcity situation thus making open defecation practices common. Women are especially vulnerable in the camps with limited or no private spaces for sanitation or bathing.

The project will support the construction of appropriate water-efficient toilets and baths as well as provide support for enabling a water source that the camp incumbents can access sustainably. Ownership of latrines and the baths will be enhanced through the formation of user groups. Maintenance plans that outline cleaning schedules, responsibilities and ownership are an effective method for improving overall latrine cleanliness and condition will be facilitated. Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) is a culturally and environmentally appropriate sanitation method for camp settings. In camp settings with space constraints, the DEWATS system is also flexible in its design so that modifications can be easily made as needed.

PROJECT BENEFICIARIES The 678 people living in 208 families in the Adianathu camp

AREA OF FOCUS Improved water and Sanitation access to the Adianathu camp incumbents

PROJECT LOCATION Adianathu camp - located 7 km from Dindigal town on the Natham road on the way to Chinnamalai.

PROJECT SUSTAINABILITY Responsible use of the water source and the ownership of latrines is enhanced through the formation of user groups. Maintenance plans that outline cleaning schedules, responsibilities and ownership will enable the sustainable use and maintenance of these basic amenities. These user groups facilitated by CRS, JRS and OfERR will take ownership of responsible use and maintenance of these amenities.

EXPECTED PROJECT IMPACT Increased drinking water and sanitation access to Adianathu camp incumbents

Improved access to an enhanced physical environment that enables protection and dignity for women and girls from gender based violence and lack of privacy

PROJECT LOCAL HOST CLUB Rotary Club of Dindigul




IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT ORGANIZATION (IF ANY) Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS) and Organization for Elam Refugee Rehabilitation (OfERR)



RUNNING COST (IF ANY) Will be borne by the Co-operating Organization

Primary Host Partner

District: 3000

Rotary Club of: Dindigul

Primary Contact: Vincent Hirudayaraj

Email: rotary3k@gmail.com

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Need $24,800
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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