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Project Description

Region: North America

Country: Mexico

Location: Jalisco

Total Budget: $50,978

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

Vaccines are probably the greatest advance against diseases in the history of mankind. It is not an opinion, it is what the majority of the scientific community says in light of the evidence of the data. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that vaccines avoid between two and three million deaths each year.

However, by not reaching the entire world, two million people die annually from preventable diseases.

Poliomyelitis, a disease that causes terrible consequences, is close to its eradication thanks to immunization, in this sense, ROTARY INTERNATIONAL has had a very important participation, since for more than 30 years it has made great progress and has reached a very close point of its extinction.

Thanks to immunization, measles mortality has also been reduced by 74% in just one decade (from 2000 to 2010). This disease can go way to its complete disappearance by means of the vaccines -as it happened with the smallpox-, nevertheless, it is reappearing in some countries where it was practically suppressed and this basically due to the posture ANTI VACCINES of some people, mainly with a high socioeconomic level.

On vaccines, WHO insists on its conclusions presented a few weeks ago, in which it denounced, on the one hand, the growth of ANTI VACCINES movements and, on the other, the access to immunizations due to deficiencies in health systems, especially in countries like Romania. The international body regretted that there is a lot of misinformation in some countries and sectors, with parents believing in "discredited reports" that some vaccines cause autism.

According to ROTARY INTERNATIONAL, if we continue to increase the ANTI VACCINES movement and take the polio into force, in 10 years we would be seeing up to 200,000 sick children per year in the world. We urgently need to align our efforts to raise awareness in this social sector that is reluctant -for bad information- to vaccinate their children, putting their health and that of everyone at risk.


Taking into account the growing number of people with ANTI VACCINES stance, and to prevent it from growing to considerable levels, we want to launch a PREVENTIVE campaign that generates awareness for the application of the main vaccines.

According to the Secretaría de Salud (Secretary of Health) Jalisco, we have information that in the high and medium-high socioeconomic sector is where most of the detractors of immunization are located. This is precisely where we are going to focus our efforts through a strategic communication campaign, advertising media, social networks, modules in hospitals and / or shopping centers where printed information is provided endorsed by institutions and organizations that are reliable for their veracity. and recognition, such as the Secretary of Health and the World Health Organization, but above all, stressing that the direction and coordination of these efforts are led by the ZAPOPAN ROTARY CLUB and ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.


Considering that the sector where we find the largest ANTI VACCINES movement is the socioeconomic class of level A, B, mainly and that this sector represents only 30% of our population, so we calculated to achieve an impact of 400,000 people with this campaign. Direct impacts, where the person of that profile can see or interact directly with our publications and indirectly, by receiving comments or information replicated by a third party, regarding our campaign.

Communication + Publicity Plan.

1.- Name and logo design, as well as campaign slogan.

2.- Communication Line.

3.- Content design, research and graphics for Social Networks.

4.- Advertising design for Flyers, Triptychs, and Out Door media, as well as

materials of

Promotion and BTL.

5.- Making scripts and contents for mentions and / or spots in programs


6.- Design of scripts for audiovisual production for Social Networks and

informative stands.

7.- Writing and sending informative press bulletins.

8.- Design and writing of mailing based on data from doctors and small and medium enterprises.

9.- Development of BTL strategies and communication for promotion.

10.- Audiovisual production and editing in HD and 4K formats. Videos of 30

seconds, one video per month for social networks.

11.- Coordination of the Media Department.

12.- Coordination of spokespersons and Strategic Communication.

13.- Department of Media Crisis and Strategic Communication.

14.- Spots on Radio, program by Pedro Ferriz de Con and Radio Disney.

15.- Design, hosting, domain and programming of the official website of the


16.- Fences (2), changing the image every 2 months.

he name seeks to generate awareness of the importance of taking care of our health in all aspects, that is why the use of different ovals that symbolize health in all its aspects, food, exercise, habits and of course vaccines, which is definitely the main objective of this campaign.

Communication Line.

The line of communication will be determined by the main objective of the campaign, which in this case is to talk about health in general but making it clear that health begins precisely from immunization.

The importance of immunization as a basic principle of health, and generate an image where you can understand that parents are responsible in principle for the health of our children and our society in the future, to make the people of a high socioeconomic level, the importance of vaccines in their children and that rumors or beliefs regarding the association of vaccines with autism, is only a matter of misinformation and rumors without scientific basis.

The intention will never be to question their beliefs, but to generate awareness of what the experts say and have shown in this regard, looking for this, to increase the number of children vaccinated as well as a smaller number of people ANTI VACCINES.

Design of Contents and Graphics for

Social networks.

In this sense, the agency Creative Nation, will do all the creative work, taking into account all the line of communication previously created.

They will do the research and publications of notes, recommendations and health references related to the subject of Immunization and current problems for the ANTI VACCINES vision.

We will seek that our page on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, not only be sources of dysfunction, but also of consultation and reference of current news about health and immunization.

We will also support Rotaract Zapopan, in order to generate more content and enrich social networks with the use of images and even with the possibility of selling spaces that allow us to strengthen the campaign guidelines.

Design of Contents and Graphics for

Social networks.

Agency Creative Nation will make the designs corresponding to the materials that will be printed.

It will also be developing the designs corresponding to fences, bus, spectacular announcement, and other materials that are required in a dedicated manner.

Creativity and Audiovisual Production.

The agency will be developing the creative work in the creation, writing scripts for radio spots, as well as for the production and videos that we would be doing during this first stage, which runs until December 2019.

There will be a Media Manager who will have the function of programming the guidelines and / or sponsorships in the PEDRO FERRIZ DE CON program, as well as coordinating the publications of FENCES, SPECTACULAR ANNOUNCEMENT and URBAN BUSES.

Also, Creative Nation will be on the lookout for video and photography taking of all the actions carried out, such as the Health-e Tour, to generate material that will allow us to disseminate the efforts of ZAPOPAN ROTARY CLUB in social networks. and this immunization campaign.

Media Plan.

Consists of:

Social Networks from March 18, 2019 to January 31, 2020. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter.

Fences from May 20, 2019 to January 20, 2020.

Spectacular 7.20 x 12.90 from August 01, 2019 to December 01, 2019.

Bus route Andares Semin integral, from August 01 to December 01, 2019.

Sponsorship Pedro Ferriz de Con Program from May 01 to December 31, 2019.

Publications in magazines of Civil Associations. May 01, 2019 to January 31, 2020.

Publications in Social Networks of Civil Associations. From May 01, 2019 to January 31, 2020.

Splash on DISNEY RADIO from August 1 to December 1, 2019. 1 spot per day.

Strategic Communication.

It is a work dedicated to mediatization activities of themes. Strategic Communication department is made up of professionals in this area. Its function will be to send press releases, mailing to media, call for media press conferences, follow up with bulletins and publications.

It will be in charge of being with the spokesperson of the campaign to be marking at all times the line of communication and to attend to any incident through a cabinet of mediatic crisis that will be formed by professionals.

This is one of the departments that will give more dynamism because it will be linked directly and indirectly with local, national and international media and press, which will allow projecting this effort of the ZAPOPAN ROTARY CLUB to other entities and inspiring them. This department will begin activities from April 3, 2019.

A launch will be made to the media through press bulletins talking about the intention of our campaign and the importance of being vaccinated, the information would be supported based on real data and from organizations and institutions recognized for their moral value, scientific and social This in the month of April.

A spokesperson for the campaign will be appointed, who will be in charge of communicating in a press conference and whenever necessary, all the details of the campaign and progress that will be made.

We will provide timely follow-up of the publications obtained and the means that are supporting us to do them.

Also, we can make a tour ("Health-e Tour"), having presence in Shopping Centers and hospitals or clinics mainly pediatricians to promote immunization in children.

"Health-e Tou"r would make a calendar of activities that through the support of ROTARACT ZAPOPAN, we will do promotion brigades where we can give information flyers to people, highlighting the benefits of immunization for families and society.

Alternating weekends, we will be managing the presence of a dissemination module where triptychs or flyers are given about the importance of immunization.

During the week, there will be activities, two weeks a month, in private schools, mainly at the preschool and primary level, where information about our campaign will be sent to the parents.

Particular objetive.

Generate awareness regarding vaccination and healthy lifestyles, thus counteracting the negative effects of anti-immunization movements that are already causing havoc in public health, globally.


Interviews will be managed in the media, either in person or by telephone, this will generate massive and positive impacts in sequence.


There will be an accurate monitoring of the different digital and printed media, and the record of impacts obtained with the strategy will be reported.

In this proposal we are considering that the guidelines of Social Networks will be generated independently through the search of sponsors that are announced in our social networks. Publications in civil association journals should be obtained free of charge.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4140

Rotary Club of: Zapopan

Primary Contact: Alejandro Mercado

Email: alejo_mercado@hotmail.com

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Project listed for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.

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