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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: São Paulo

Total Budget: $44,000

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Maternal and child health

About the region

The integrated UBS-AMA (Basic Health Unit-Ambulatory Medical Care Center) Jardim São Jorge is part of the network of Basic Health Units of the western region of São Paulo city, which includes the neighborhoods of Pinheiros, Lapa and Butantã.

It is in Butantã that we find the lowest Human Development Indexes in the region. The neighborhood has, according to São Paulo's Coordination of Epidemiology and Information (CEINFO/SP/2016), a population of 448,582 people, of which 32,000 live in the UBS São Jorge region.

Jardim São Jorge, together with Jardim Cambará and Jardim Arpoador are neighborhoods part of Raposo Tavares district, in which 104,671 people live. Here the population density is 8,307 inhab/km² and 80.5% of this residents depend on the services of the Unified Health System (SUS) for their health care.

In this region there are four areas of slums (irregular invasions of public or private land with houses of precarious construction) and the vulnerability index is the second highest of Butantã.

History and organization of service

UBS Jardim São Jorge was inaugurated in 1976 as an Emergency Care Unit. It was rebuilt in the early 90s, and afterwards, the Ambulatory Medical Care Center (AMA) was implemented in 2008.

Unlike the Basic Health Unit (UBS), the Ambulatory Medical Care Center (AMA) has the purpose of attending low and medium complexity care in a regime that we call open door, that is, it is not only restricted to residents of the region and is not subordinated to access regulation. The person who needs it is treated without restriction, coming from the most diverse regions of the city.

The UBS already counts with nine Family Health Strategy Teams, each one of them with a physician, a nurse, two nursing technicians and six community health agents. These teams have a defined territory of about 3,000 people each, and carry out care through scheduled appointments and access of the day. There routine medical examinations (Prenatal care, Neonatal nursing, care of patient with chronic diseases and bedridden patients) and approach of acute Primary Health Care problems are performed. These teams also receive support from a Family Health Support Center (NASF), which has a psychologist, psychiatrist, phonologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and nutritionist, as well as a social worker. This group conducts individual scheduled appointments and organizes care groups in a wide range of areas.

There is also dental care, which performs dental consultation and several restorative and preventive oral health procedures.

The pharmacy of UBS Jardim São Jorge dispenses medicines for residents of the region and is an important reference for the local population, performing more than 350 dispensations of drugs (medication) per day. The pharmaceutical assistance is also responsible for conducting guidance for patients and for all management and distribution of supplies received by the unit.

The volume of monthly patient care is approximately 7,000 medical appointments and more than 5,000 hospital procedures, encompassed in nursing, dental and NASF professionals' appointments.

The problem faced

As it is a very old unit, the UBS presents itself with an important process of property depreciation, which happens due to the difficulties of access to public resources for an adequate investment in the area. This way, for many years, we have worked without replacement of damaged equipment and with no adaptation to the new needs of the service. Although around 700 people per day circulate around us, we have performed our practices with the infrastructure below the expectations of health professionals, resulting in the decrease of our productive capacity, less comfort and patient satisfaction, and less efficiency in the care of this vulnerable population.

Rotary Club Partnership's Goal and Expectations

The purpose of the project described is to enable financial resources, in the form of donations, to make improvements in the unit. These improvements will be in the form of purchase and replacement of equipment, office supplies and small procedures.

We hope that this investment will contribute to the space acquisition of a hospital environment and the adequate technological structure to carry out the good practices in the health area.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4610

Rotary Club of: São Paulo-Morumbi

Primary Contact: Edson Cunha Borcato

Email: edsonzap@uol.com.br

Primary International Partner

District: 3012

Rotary Club of: Ghaziabad

Primary Contact: Deepak Gupta

Email: deepak_gupta41@hotmail.com

Project Status

Need $20,000
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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System Entry: Creation of project page.


by Marco Antonio Legramandi

System Entry: Pledge of $1 by Antonio Carlos Cardoso of the Rotary Club of Campo Mourão, District 4630.


by Antonio Carlos Cardoso

System Entry: Pledge of $1 by Antonio Carlos Cardoso of the Rotary Club of Campo Mourão, District 4630.


by Antonio Carlos Cardoso

System Entry: Pledge of $7,000 DDF by Deepak Gupta of the Rotary Club of Ghaziabad Central, District 3000.


by Antonio Carlos Cardoso

System Entry: Pledge of $7,000 DDF by Deepak Gupta of the Rotary Club of Ghaziabad Central, District 3012.


System Entry

System Entry: Pledge of $1 by Antonio Carlos Cardoso of the Rotary Club of Campo Mourão, District 4630.

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