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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Gujrat

Total Budget: $98,450

Area of Focus: Water and sanitation

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We are going to sponsor Global Grant under which we intend to install 15 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants in 15 government/trust schools and/or villages.

PROJECT BACKGROUND: Rotary Club Gandevi has already installed 39 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants till date. Hence, we are having a huge experience in handling of this kind of projects and excellent feedback from our beneficiaries.


INR 450,000 for One Site which will include cost of R.O.Plant having capacity of 500 lits of water per hour, plumbing, civil work, electrical work and water storage tanks for feed water and product water.( with TWO years of warranty).

INR 70,000 for Rotary Signage

INR 70,000 for Capacity Building of Beneficiaries ( Training)

Hence, the total cost will be INR 450,000*15= INR 6,750,000 + INR 70,000 + INR 70,000= INR 6,890,000 i.e. US D 98,450. ( EXCHANGE RATE: 1 US D = INR 70)

Proposed Financing:


DDF-DIST.3060- US D 5000


DDF-DIST.5240- US D 18000


TOTAL- US D 45,000 which will be matched by US D 34,000 by TRF

So, the GRAND TOTAL - US D 45,000 + US D 34,000= US D 79,000


So, the short fall will be 98,500-79,000= 19,500


Total number of estimated beneficiaries in the First Year would be more than 3,000. Operation and maintenance cost will be borned by beneficiary school/village. Project will be properly monitored and evaluated by Rotary Gandevi team. As the project involves investment in human capital, the cost benefit ratio will be Infinite!!! ( Project will exist for long long time so the no of beneficiaries would be in Thousands!!). Ultimately, this project will be highly sustainable. Water borned diseases will be controlled to a great extent by providing safe and pure drinking water

Time Line: We intend to install all the Plants as well as provide the Training before March 2020. So the project will be completed by march 2020.

Host Club Role: Rotary Club Gandevi will be the host club. We have already conducted Needs Assessment. The GG application will be uploaded by our club. We will form the special committee to plan, implement and monitor the Project. All the Reports will be submitted by us within the stipulated time frame of TRF. We will manage the grant funds will utmost stewardship.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3060

Rotary Club of: Gandevi

Primary Contact: Parimal Naik

Email: parimal.prem.sonu@gmail.com

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Need $56,967
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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