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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Paracatu

Total Budget: $32,500

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

The Project proposed here, aims to make available MAMMOGRAPHY EXAMS, accompanied by relevant information on PREVENTION OF BREAST CANCER, for the female population of Paracatu and surrounding region.

This proposal is justified because, in Brazil, 80% of tumors are discovered by the woman herself, by palpating her breasts, causing in more than 50% of cases the discovery is made in advanced stages of the disease, resulting in treatments. mutilating or death of the patient.

The Project will complement the actions of the Public Health System, reinforcing the preventive awareness among the female population and increasing the chances of cure.

Digital mammography systems with amorphous selenium technology detector, consisting of high voltage generator, swivel arm stand coupled to x-ray tube assembly, Diagnostic Acquisition Station, breast compression device, chassis holder, panel control and radiation protection for the operator;

- Diagnostic station connected to the acquisition station for receiving and image processing, with the capability to send the DICOM printer to the PACS network; composed of two monitors of 5 Mpixel each and at least 1024 shades of gray;

- Radiological protection of the operator in pumbliferous glass with at least 0,3 mmPb;

- Magnification, with retractable grid, allowing magnification without the need to remove the grid manually, which avoids accidents;

- Electrical cables, connectors and accessories, indispensable to the requested operation;

- External diaphragm set for supported chassis equivalent formats;

- Compression card compatible with the format equivalent to the supported chassis;

- Phantons required for equipment calibration and testing;

- Acer Aspire GX-783-BR13 Gamer PC Intel Core i7 16GB (6GB GeForce GTX 1060) 1TB Windows 10 - Black, Acer · Aspire · Windows · Gamer · Case · 4.2 Ghz · NVIDIA GPU · 16 GB RAM · 1TB HD · Intel CPU;

- Brother 9570 MFC-L9570cdw Laser Color Multifunction Printer

High Demand Printing and All-In-One · Laser · Color · Wireless · With Scanner · 33 ppm (mono) · 33 ppm (color) · Wi-Fi · USB · Cloud Ready.

- The equipment will be installed in the existing Women's and Children's Clinic, with exclusive care for the Unified Health System - SUS;

- Minimum Team Formatting: 2 radiology technicians, 1 radiologist, 1 administrative assistant, hired by Paracatu City Hall;

- Characterization of the population served: about 30 thousand women aged 40 years or over, SUS users, residents of Paracatu;

- Expectation of Attendance: 20 exams day / 100 exams weekly, 400 exams per month.

- Registration and control of care of the user population: the control will be made by the Municipal Health Secretariat that will feed the national database of SUS, the DATASUS - Department of Informatics of the SUS, and the SISMAMA information system.

- The equipments will be properties of the Prefeitura Municipal de Paracatu.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4760

Rotary Club of: Paracatú

Primary Contact: Evanir Soares

Email: evanir_soares@uol.com.br

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Need $21,667
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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