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Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Rio Claro

Total Budget: $37,795

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

Humanitarian Project - Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment.

Supported Goals: Improve the health infrastructure of local communities; strengthening health systems.

One of the objectives of the project is the structuring of 04 hospital beds (2 bedrooms) - which are currently very precarious - acquiring equipment for the modernization of the hospital's technology park, offering beds with a modern structure, more efficient and more comfortable for patients and their families. The project also includes the purchase of a human breast pump to serve the Milk Bank - currently has only one equipment and when breaking or needing maintenance, the extraction of milk has to be manual. The project also contemplates the Surgical Center with the acquisition of a modern Electric Scalpel - currently the hospital does not have this equipment. This modernization will offer a better quality of life through prevention and relief of suffering patients.

A SANTA CASA DE MISERICÓRDIA DE RIO CLARO is a philanthropic institution that serves over 134 years, fulfilling its mission of serving all with dignity and charity.

It is a unique hospital in the city and region for the care of the Unified Health System - SUS (totally free care).

Below the equipment of extreme necessity that will be acquired for the Project:

Hospital Electric Bed; Reclining Armchair; Medical gas ruler; Ladder 02 steps to bed; Serum Support; Air conditioning; Nursing Call; Bate Stretcher; Curtains; Bedroom closet, Meal table / bedside table; Doors for bedroom / bathroom; Human Milk Extractor Pump; Surgical Center Electric Scalpel.

With 100 hospital beds exclusively for SUS, in the city of Rio Claro and surrounding cities, Santa Gertrudes, Analândia, Corumbataí, Ajapi and Ipeúna in the inpatient sector, adult and neonatal intensive care unit, Surgical Centers, Blood Bank, Bank of Milk and Sector of Clinical Oncology and Surgical Oncology.

* Comprises a population of TOTAL 243,534 PEOPLE (IBGE website data as of July / 19)

Special medical care, outpatient clinic, diagnostic support and specialized care in Gynecology and Obstetrics 24 hours.

Needs that will be addressed by the project.

In the Inpatient / Nursing Sector SUS, named Clinic São Lucas, which serves the city of Rio Claro and more 05 neighboring cities (Santa Gertrudes, Analândia, Corumbataí, Ajapi and Ipeúna) and has 40 beds of ward.

Also treated / hospitalized cancer patients operated at the hospital. Last year, 2018, the sector performed 2934 hospitalizations.

The structuring of these 04 beds will be of great importance for the care, offering beds with modern structure and more comfort for the patient and his family. It will be a very significant and important advance for the care of the local population and surrounding cities, serving with dignity and humanization.

In the Santa Casa Milk Bank Sector, which is a reference for Rio Claro and the region, it meets the need for premature babies admitted to the hospital and also supplies milk to other hospitals in the region due to the importance of breastfeeding and human milk for growth. and development of newborns. The Milk Bank has the entire structure for donor milk collection, performing the processing, pasteurization and proper storage. Last year, 2018, 352 liters of human milk were collected and distributed.

The equipment of this project will contribute to the optimization of the process of human milk extraction of patients and donors, thus benefiting the premature babies hospitalized and also to serve the hospitals in the region.

The Santa Casa de Rio Claro Surgical Center has 05 operating rooms and 05 anesthetic recovery beds. High and medium complexity surgeries are performed in various specialties, such as neurosurgery, vascular, pediatric, gynecology, orthopedics as well as oncologic surgeries of various specialties. The operating room also has an exclusive room for normal and cesarean delivery and deliveries and a Material Sterilization Center with protocols and routines that guarantee the sterility of the equipment used.

The equipment requested will contribute to the improvement of the surgical process, safety and agility in the procedures performed.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4590

Rotary Club of: Rio Claro-Sul

Primary Contact: Carlos Augusto Báccaro

Email: carlosbaccaro@uol.com.br

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Need $25,197
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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