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Region: Africa

Country: Congo (The DRC)

Location: Bukavu (Sud-Kivu)

Total Budget: $543,430

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

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 The 1st of August 2018, Ministry of Health of the DRC (Congo) warns World Health Organization of the tenth Ebola disease in-country Outbreak, especially in the health zone of Mabalako in the North Kivu Province.

 The 21st of August 2018, up to 102 cases were noted. 75 cases were confirmed and 27 cases were still under investigation. 59 deaths were noted (37 cases were confirmed and 22 were still under investigation).

 North Kivu Province has 8 million inhabitants and shares borders with four other provinces in the DRC (Sud-Kivu, Ituri, Tshopo and Maniema) and two neighboring countries (Rwanda and Uganda).

 North Kivu and Ituri Provinces host more than 1 million internal displaced persons fleeing war and other conflict and security issues. Ebola has shown up in conflict zone.

 Trans-boarding movements are so frequent that people go to Rwanda and Uganda to find better quality healthcare increasing the risk of expanding the epidemic abroad.

 Response to ongoing Ebola outbreak is impaired by poor political situation and last catastrophic elections reinforcing conflict in the same zone. Armed groups and terrorists are operating in this zone as well.

 Health system in Congo (The DRC) is very weak and hasn't shown capability to face serious health issues.

 One year later Ebola is still there with a major turn out in july 2019: the first Ebola case shows up in Goma City

 The 14th of july 2019 in the Sud-Kivu Province: a strategic plan is drawn by Health Ministry of Health with its partners. Among them Rotary Club Bukavu Mwangaza, Mental Health and Disability Consulting, Santé et Développement ngo, and Agir Pour Redonner Espoir et Sourire asbl. The 3 later are local NGOs.

 The 17th of july 2019 World Health Organization has declared Ebola outbreak in the Congo a public health emergency of international concern. https://www.who.int/news-room/detail/17-07-2019-ebola-outbreak-in-the-democratic-republic-of-the-congo-declared-a-public-health-emergency-of-international-concern

 The 16th of August 2019, first case of Ebola disease is confirmed in the South Kivu province. Rwanda and Burundi reinforce control at their borders.

 Updated Situation at The 20th August 2019:

• Total cases: 2927 (2822 confirmed and 105 under investigation),

• Dead: 1961 (confirmed 1856).

• Under investigation: 389

 The 19th of August 2019: Top priority actions are then withdrawn from the Sud-Kivu province strategic plan to stop Ebola now. This is the project requesting funds from TRF, Districts and other Rotary Clubs.


While most of fight efforts are concentrated in the province of North Kivu and Ituri, this project aims to reinforce the lock on the belt in South Kivu province to avoid southward propagation to Rwanda, Burundi and other provinces in the Far South of the DRC (Congo).

This project will focus on fighting Ebola outbreak and strengthening the local health system to face whatever new epidemic in the future.

This is a joint project Rotary Club Bukavu Mwangaza, Ministry of Health, and three local implementing Organizations SaD (Santé et Développement), MHCD ( Mental Health and Disability Consulting) and APRES (Agir Pour Redonner Espoir et Sourire).


1. Epidemiological Monitoring scheme (epidemiological surveillance) - 464620 usd;

1.1 Supporting Coordination

1.1.1 Training of trainers 19200 usd

1.1.2 Logistic support 234000 usd

1.1.3 Reproduction of tools 2800 usd

1.2 Supporting practitioners

1.2.1 Training of health practitioners 145200 usd

1.2.2 Diverse trainings (safe burial, rapid intervention community team etc..) 63420 usd

2. Hygiene and sanitation- 32090 usd

Check points will be set up at borders and all along Kivu lake entries (95) with agents to monitor body travelers temperature and caring of chloride hand wash points. (see details in the attached project)

3. Behavior change communication - 46720 usd

We will support communication department of the Ministry of Health to deliver adequate social messages in communities. And success can be monitored within National Health Information System which monthly display trends of health issues and, in this case, we will focus on the dirty-hands diseases indicators. (No Ebola outbreak progressing southward the country, and diminishing of other diseases like cholera, typhoid fever, etc...)


Rotary Club Bukavu Mwangaza is a six years old club with a record of hosting at least one Global Grant each year. The smallest raised GG was worth 45k USD, while the biggest was 250k USD.


543 430 USD


September 2019 (as soon as the Grant is released from TRF). This is a complex full action 3 months project focused on surveillance and capacity building to strengthen health system and health practitioners.(ending early December).

VII. PERSONS OF CONTACT (Rotarians of RC Bukavu Mwangaza)

a. Dr Polepole TSHOMBA, Foundation Chair, polepoletshomba@gmail.com

b. Dr De Joseph KAKISINGI, Action Chair, jeffbukavu@gmail.com

c. Dr Pascal LURHAKUMBIRE, President, hospitalnewhope88@gmail.com

Primary Host Partner

District: 9150

Rotary Club of: Bukavu Mwangaza

Primary Contact: Polepole TSHOMBA

Email: polepoletshomba@yahoo.fr

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