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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Vitoria ES

Total Budget: $40,588

Area of Focus: None

Focus area

To what areas of focus is the projectrelated?

Select at least one area. You must set goals and answer questions for each selected area.

☒Peace and conflict prevention/Resolution

☐Disease prevention and treatment

☐Water Resources and sanitation

☐Maternal and child health

☐Basic education and literacy

☐Economic and community development


In a few sentences, describe your goals for this Global grant.

The implementation of the social Project woman overcoming fear, will focus onpsychosocial measures with attendance of social workers and psychologist, prevention to Domestic violence with the participation of the Court of Justice/es through the State coordination of women in situations of domestic and family violence of the Court of Justice of the E. S , training in financial education, right to use Finance control application and guidelines for improving the income of women in situation of Vulnerability Dand 07 communities of Vila Velha/E. S, which aim to undertake, or already undertake , women Victims of domestic violence who need independence to organize their personal finances in order to achieve stability and success in their life goals to win.

We identified the women 'S Social project superando fear as a support priority of the Rotary Club Vitória Mata da Praia, due tothe number High level of women victims of domestic violence and women in a critical situation of vulnerability in these 07 Communities (Ataíde, Santa Rita, Aribiri, Don João Batista, Zumbi dos Palmares, Cavalieri and Red Land ) of this important Municipality of Vila Velha.

The Idealizer of the project, Isabel Berlinck, economist, in Cooperation Partnership with the State Coordinator of women in a situation of domestic and family violence of the Court of Justice of the E. S, represented by judge HermíNia azoury and the executor of the project the WIN Institute, represented by its President cyntia Miranda, unite to ofer Women the opportunity to transform their Current reality to make them overcome fear, financial dependence and violence, through prevention and empowerment for the inclusion of this woman through entrepreneurship or Insertion in the labour market. According to IBGE data, the region of Vila Velha has a population of women in the order of 156,020 women in the age range from 20 to 70 years s.

In the state of Espírito Santo, the rates of aggression to women record on average 40 cases per day. Even with actions of the public power to protect these women, behind each action, of each police investigation and of every process instituted in justice, there are Stories of women who try to see, fight daily to overcome traumas, restore self-esteem and the ustento.

Who will be the beneficiaries of this Global grant? Provide the estimated number of direct beneficiaries.

100 Women of the communities in the Vila Velha region (ataíde, Santa Rita, Aribiri, Don João Batista, Zumbi dos Palmares, Cavalieri and Red earth) and indirectly, this benefit extends to close relatives and friends, and can reach about 500 people.

What activities will the Global Grant fund?

In a visit to thecommunities to be workedon, we were presentedwith the urgent need to perform Care actions Financial training and prevention of violence, as reported in the budget framework.


Where will your project be carried out?

At the headquarters of the center Comunitário ataíde, located Rua Manoel Bandeira, 72 - Barrio Ataíde - Vila Velha - ES , and a municipal school based in the neighborhood Don João Batista, so that ESSand Project can provide adequate care to women in the region.

When will your project be carried out?

From: October 2019 Until: April 2020

* Planned for five months to perform the project after the release of the subsidy.

Provide programming for the implementation of your project:

N º Activity Duration

1: Project launch event in the community for the purpose of mobilisation 2 hours

2: D specificationand required materials and resources 2 days

3: Budget preparation with suppliers 7 days

4: Project execution According to schedule of activities 150 days

5: Project closure event with evaluation of results and delivery of certificates (auditorium of the Court of Justice of Espírito Santo) 3 hours

What community needs will the project meet and how such needs have been identified? Provide relevant data or search results.

The project will meet the needs of psychosocial care with welcoming to survey the social situation, economica and diverse needs by social workers.

Individual consultations with the psychologist to survey the psychological demands and referral to THE CAVV (center of activities of Vila Velha, maintained by the town Hall of Vila Velha) , Especially in cases of women who are victims of domestic violence.

Capacitation for Financial education with emphasis on entrepreneurship or insertion in the labor market , with workshops, practical Tools, didactic material and Financial application of how to organize personal finances so that these women have a basis that can drive them to undertake in a correct way, contributing to the transformation of life, In addition to promoting peace through the prevention of violence, promoted by the state coordination of women in situations of domestic violence and Family member of the Court of Justice of the E. S .

The low-income population finds great difficulty in financial organization and access to employment, income and credit, due to lack of knowledge and When the opportunity appears, it usually occurs outside the community that they meet, making it impossible to shift through discouragement and lack of resources.

The NEternational were raised by the state coordination of women in a situation of domestic and family violence of the Court of Justice of the E. S, by the WinInstitute, the creator Isabel Berlinck, together with the community leaders of the regions visited.

Explain how your project will meet such community needs.

This project aims to enable the current needs of the communities visited through psychosocial, psychological, prevention of domestic violence and financial education.

How were community members involved in project planning?

The communitys of Vila Velha visited, through its leaders are engaged in the Social Project woman Overcoming fear, since they lack help .

Does the project align with any local activity already underway?

Today there are small punctual actions to serve the community, such as events, lectures and ophthalmologic consultations at a popular cost, but lacking resources to meet all needs.

We believe that the participation of the Rotary Club Vitória Mata da Praia is of utmost relevance in this project, since we will leave our legacy in so important, because there is a mobilization of society, Government, Entities and Court of Justice in search of the reduction and prevention of violence against women and their development in areas of vulnerability.

We also intend to deploy 3 NRDC in the assisted regions.

Focus AREA goals

• SPsychosocial upport for victims of domestic violence

• Tretraining for victims who aim their reinstatement in the place where they live

• Cprevention and advocacy Amphos related to domestic violence and human trafficking, coordinated with local organizations and governments.

What goals will your activity support?

Itdirectly meets the demand of 100 women.

How will you achieve these goals?

Through the application of resources in the actions provided in the physical and financial schedule and in loco meetings with all support material and team.

How will you evaluate/measure your impact?

Global subsidy monitoring and evaluation plan-supplement

N º Criterion Method used Frequency Objective

1: Total number of direct participants Registration form, anamnesis, photographic record and attendance reports 5 days after the end of each class Monitoring of the number of participants and their situation

2: Qualitative research

Surveys and surveys

On the last day of the meeting Perception of quality of care and content

3: Number of beneficiaries of the intervention for the prevention of violence

Presence Sheet

In each class Follow-up of attendance numbers

5: Attendance statistics, social anamnesis and Socioeconomic profile providedbyThe survey of social workers Questionnaire In each service Forwarding for needs resolution with partners

Who will be responsible for gathering information for monitoring and evaluation?

Rotary Club of Vitória Mata da Praia, composed of the following members:

Amaury Miranda,

Mario Roberto Barradas,

Eraldo de Souza Rocha,

Marcio Zaganeli,

Antonio F S Lacourt,

Maria de Lourdes Malimi Paraizo

Mujiyar David

Maria do Carmo Barbosa short


Identify the collaborating organizations that will participate in the project.

State Coordinator of women in domestic and family violence situation of the Court of Justice of the E. S.

Vila Velha Call Center (CAVV)

Victory Institute

Rotary Club of Vitória Mata da praia

Explain how you selected this organization. With what resources or knowledge will this organization contribute?

The selection of the Institute was made through the indication of the State coordination of women in a situation of domestic and family violence of the Court of Justice of Espírito Santo, which develops several social projects in partnership of cooperation with the Court.

The Win Institute will perform and the activities developed in the project.

The Rotary Club s involved will accompany, monitor and supervise the implementation of this project in all its stages, in partnership with the coordination State of the woman in a situation of domestic and family violence of the Court of Justice.

The CAVV will be responsible for the sustainability and accessibility for the reception of women who have the need to follow-up at the end of the project.


List other partners who will participate. These may be Rotary Clubs, Rotary Community development centers, or other people.

State Coordinator of women in domestic and family violence situation of the Court of Justice of the E. S.

Vila Velha Call Center (CAVV)

Victory Institute

Rotary Club of Vitória Mata da Praia

Describe the role that local community members will have in implementing the project. What incentives (for example: payments, prizes, certificates, promotions, etc.) will you offer to motivate local participation?

The local community through its community leaders are already engaged in the Social Project woman overcoming Fear.

All work of dissemination and involvement ofthe community will be done through lecturess educatives and informatives with giveaway of gifts and events that the community centers themselves perform together with the project execution Team.

Identify people in the local community who will be responsible for monitoring results and ensuring continuity of work.

Luiz Carlos Martins - President of the Ataíde Community Centre

Maria Batista dos Santos and Jussara Silveira Fraga - Directors of the Ataíde Community Center

Wanderson Araújo Costa- president of the Community center Dom João Batista

How are you going to help them take on this leadership role?

The Rotary club Vitória kills the beach, Vila Velha and Vila Velha Praia da Costa, the state coordination of women in situation of domestic and family violence of the Court of Justice of the Holy Spirit and the CAVV will be Those responsible for monitoring and monitoring, as well as the support of awareness and project management, aiming the continuity and sustainability of the implementedactions.


Item Budget as to category R $ USD UNITÁRIO USD (4, 01)

1 Consultancy for Project Elaboration 1 Pre-production/preparation 1.500,00 374, 06 374, 06

2 Handouts 100 Production/execution 2.500,00 6, 23 623, 44

3 Shirts 100 Production/execution a 3. 000,00 7, 48 748, 13

4 Crachas

100 Production/execution 250,00 0, 62 62, 34

5 Material for the realization of the dynamics (paper, m'd bottled stuffis miscellaneous)

100 Production/execution 500,00 1, 25 124, 69

6 COFfee break= 10 women x 10 Classes 100 Production/execution a 3. 000,00 7, 48 748, 13

7 Calculator 100 Production/execution The 1. 500.00 3, 74 374, 06

8 Pen Kit, Lapis, eraser, sharpener, Notebook

100 Production/execution The 1. 200.00

2, 99 299, 25

9 BRinde Water bottle

100 Production/execution 360, 00 0, 90 89, 78

10 Application

100 Production/execution a 3. 000,00 7, 48 748, 13

11 Graduation (Diplomas)

100 Production/execution 50,00 0, 12 12, 47

12 º Graduation (Beca)

100 Production/execution a 5. 000,00 12, 47 1246, 88

13 º Instructors PJ = 20h x 10 classes = 200 hours

200 Direct staff 36. 000,00 44, 89 8977, 56

14th Auxiliary PJ = 20h x 10 classes = 200 hours 200 Direct staff a 6. 000,00 7, 48 1496, 26

15th Psicologo PJ = 10h x 10 classes

100 Direct staff a 16. 500,00 41, 15 4114, 71

16 years of Social worker PJ = 10h x10 Classes

100 Direct staff a 16. 500,00 41, 15 4114, 71

17 years old Transport team = 20 x 5 encounters

100 Direct staff The 2. 500.00 6, 23 623, 44

18 years old Press Advisor-Monthly

5 Disclosure

The 7. 500.00 374, 06 1870, 32

19 years old Launching photographer

1 Disclosure 700, 00 174, 56 174, 56

20 Printing Folders/Creation

1000 Disclosure 850,00 0, 21 211, 97

21 Printing Banners

2 Disclosure 300, 00 37, 41 74, 81

2nd2nd Posters 420 x 620mm A2

20 Disclosure 300, 00 3, 74 74, 81

2nd3rd Monthly Legal Advisory 4 Administrative costs a 4. 800, 00 299, 25 1197, 00

24 º Marketing Assistant 4 Administrative costs a 4. 800, 00 299, 25 1197, 00

2nd5th Contador PJ 5 Administrative costs a 5. 000,00 249, 38 1246, 88

26 years old Phone/internet/expedient Material

5 Administrative costs The 2. 250.00 112, 21 561, 10

27 years old Consulting and auditing for closing accounts 1 Administrative costs The 2. 500.00 623, 44 623, 44

28 years old Project Coordinator PJ

5 Administrative costs 9.000,00 448, 88 2244, 39

29 Taxes 6% 1 Taxes a 9. 134, 44 The 2. 277, 92 2277, 92

30 Consultancy catchment 2.5% Captação 4.394, 83 The 1. 095, 97 1095, 97

Total: R $150.889, 27 6562, 50 $37.628, 25

Describe the process you used to select the budget items. Do you plan to purchase any items from local vendors? Have you conducted a bidding process to choose vendors/Vendors? Do the listed items match the local cultural and technological standards?

The materials listed in the budget were raised from price surveys.

There are localsuppliers.

The supplier selection process was carried out by the WinInstitute.

Who will be the owner of the items purchased with the grant funds at the end of the project (including equipment and materials)? Please note that items may not be owned by Rotary Club or Rotarian.

There is no need for property, because equipment will not be purchased because all items are services and the materials used will be made available directly to the participants .


To find out the value equalled by the Global fund for your overall grant, please indicate all sources of funds, specifying cash contributions, in FDUC and those coming from other sources. Contributions from non-Rotarians without matching the foundation may be included in subsidy financing if they are used for the purchase of budgeted items for the project. The total amount of funds must be equal to the total amount budgeted for the project.

Note: To cover processing and administration costs, the project partners must contribute an additional 5% on the Rotary Foundation's cash contributions for global grant applications submitted on or after July 1. These additional 5% are not required if contributions are sent directly to the project bank account.

Type Origin Valor (USD) Additional support Contribution plus additional support

District Fund District 4751 9407, 6 9407, 6

International Partner (FDUC) To be captured 9407, 6 9407, 6

Rotary Foundation (World Fund) 18814,13 18814,13

Contributions in FDUC: 18814,13

Cash contributions:

Maximum equiparation of the World Fund:

World Fund Match (requested): 18814,13

Subtotal (equiparated contributions + World Fund):

Total-Budget: 37628,26

Have you identified a source of local funds to ensure that project outcomes can be maintained in the long term?


Will you introduce certain practices in order to help generate income for the ongoing financing of the project?

Primary Host Partner

District: 4751

Rotary Club of: Vitória-Mata da Praia

Primary Contact: Antonio Lacourt

Email: antoniolacourt@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 3522

Rotary Club of: Taipei Tsaoshan

Primary Contact: Hipo

Email: hipochen@yahoo.com.tw

Project Status

Your project is "Fully Pledged". This means the amount of the pledges is equal to the total budget of the project. Now the project needs to be finalized and go through the approval process with The Rotary Foundation. This process gets started on the administration page.

Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #18169.

Proposed Financing

Existing Contributions Towards This Project





Vitória-Mata da Praia (4751)





Taipei Tsaoshan (3522)





Amount Requested from The Rotary Foundation






Note: as of July 1, 2015 there is a 5% additional support fee for cash contributions. This fee does not appear in the financials above because it does not apply if the funds are sent directly to the project account (without going through TRF, and therefore without Paul Harris credit). Clubs sending their cash contribution to TRF must be aware they will have to send an additional 5%.

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