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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Perú

Location: Lima

Total Budget: $51,000

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

• Community needs:

The students in the educational institution "Los Jardines de Manchay", need to have a Classroom of Pedagogical Innovation (Computer classroom), in which both students and teachers can interact with technology, which will allow them to function in virtual environments to produce digital files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), explore and learn with interactive educational games, with which they will strengthen what they have learned in conventional classes and thus improve their overall school performance. Rotary Club La Molina has a very ample experience in educational projects.


¿How was this need assessed? (Refer to Community involvement to assess the need, surveys, publications, etc.)

At present the school does not have even one computer at the service of the students for them to learn how to use technology. However, the Ministry of Education stipulates that students be evaluated in the use of virtual environments developed by technology (use of computers). In this sense it is imperative to implement a Pedagogical Innovation Classroom (Computer Classroom).

To substantiate this need students, teachers and parents were consulted and a survey was used to prioritize the urgent and important needs that the Educational Institution must meet. The result obtained was that 95% desired to have a classroom of pedagogical innovation (Computer classroom) which will serve a population of 490 students, distributed among the students of initial, primary and secondary school levels, in IE Los Jardines de Manchay, located in Quebrada de Retamal, district of Pachacamac - Lima-Peru.

• ¿Planned Activities to address the Need and how the will be sustained long term?

A diagnosis was made and a survey was carried out. Other educational institutions that have Pedagogical Innovation classrooms were visited. Based on this information, the project was elaborated. The materials for the equipment were determined as well as the adequacy of the environment, including wiring, security and furniture among others. Based on this information, the budget was obtained.

The sustainability of the project will be ensured by the following actions: 1. - The members of the Technology Resources Committee will be elected, comprising the Director and 03 parents, their main responsibility will be to approve an extraordinary quota, to be paid by the parents, for the annual maintenance of the computers. 2.-The Ministry of Education through the UGEL will provide a teacher who is specialized in teaching computer skills. 3. - A school guardian will be hired to ensure the safety of the environment and equipment. 4. - Training and updating for teachers in the three educational levels will be carried out. 5. - Workshops will be given for the students on the proper use of modern technologies.

• ¿Which Area of Focus do you see the above fits into clearly?

The area of interest is focused on EDUCATION

Primary Host Partner

District: 4455

Rotary Club of: La Molina

Primary Contact: Guillermo Rios

Email: hgriosh@gmail.com

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Need $40,000
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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