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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Peru

Location: Lima

Total Budget: $150,000

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

The Chaclacayo District has a population of approximately 41,110 inhabitants, according to the 2007 Census, being 59.57% in an age range of 5 to 39 years, so it can be deduced that the district is made up of a population mostly young.

The Project "We can all Read - We All Deserve to Learn" consists of a Public Library that has the basic services to be an educational support in the area, with a Cultural Diffusion center for the inhabitants of the district, the great number of schools as well as shelters so that the library is not a building for educational purposes only, but also functions as an axis of cultural development, and can be used by children, youth, adults and people with different types of disabilities.

To initiate this project, we initiated an investigation of the total of young people in the district of Chaclacayo and about the number of educational centers such as people with disabilities.

When conducting the investigation we realized the great lack of support for the culture that the district has since it does not have suitable places for young people and older adults to develop different cultural and learning activities, in addition we do not have adequate accessibility so that children with disabilities can also develop since our district is not currently suitable for the disabled, having a large population of them.

1.First step: Beneficiary Population Research

2.Second step: Generate project in conjunction with the District Municipality

The Project has been generated jointly with the Municipality of the District, who have committed to carry out the necessary coordination to achieve the construction of the new and improved Cultural Center of the District of Chaclacayo, in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture.

3.Third step: Purchases of the equipment of the New Cultural Center

Foreign Clubs will be asked to participate in the project of the New Cultural Center of the District, which will require the purchase and implementation of office supplies, furniture, computers, specific audiobook software, among other materials.

4.Fourth step: Project Implementation.

The implementation of the Project will be in charge of the partners of RC La Esperanza de Chaclacayo, together with authorized personnel of the Municipality, the material will be delivered, machines among other things by means of a document that allows us to verify their good use every so often.

5.Project sustainability

The sustainability of the project will be carried out by means of the modest payment by card of entrance to the Cultural Center, as well as the rent of the common areas for the different associations of the District that wish to make use of them. This will be done by the District Municipality through a support agreement.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4455

Rotary Club of: La Esperanza de Chaclacayo

Primary Contact: Angela Ramirez

Email: ramirezcaceresangela@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

Need $100,000
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Project listed for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.

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