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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Khamgaon

Total Budget: $33,000

Areas of Focus: Basic education and literacy, Community economic development

"Giving new life by Hearing aids & Equipments"


Elements of the grant -

01. Digital Hearing Aids,

02. Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) (Screening Device)

03. Brain Evoked Response Audiometry (Diagnostic Device)

Sufficient detail that the Project is doable-

Deaf & Dumb School ('Muk BadhirVidyalaya' in Hindi) is promoted by Shirram Education Society and is one of the oldest and only residential school in nearby four districts offering education from Preschool to Class X. The school is promoted by a group of professionals and qualified, devoted members from community. During its inception in year 1985, there were only two students but dedicated management has grown the school to one of the premium institutes catering the need of around 150 students, most of them are from the weakest section of society.

The school has well qualified and trained staff who can handle modern equipments. Also, the school has all basic infrastructure like class room, acoustic room, hostel etc.

Hence, looking at the overall scenario as well as the requirement of the devices, we feel that the project is doable.


Focus on a single need or purpose. -

1. Many children have hearing problem by birth. Art of speech is mainly dependent upon hearing skill. If the child is deaf, it is unlikely that it would be able to speak either.

2. Providing the equipment like Acoustic emission test machine and Brain evoc response audiometry machine can provide the early detection of hearing problem, if any and intervention are crucial to minimize the impact of hearing loss on child development and educational achievements.

3. By providing the hearing aids, the children who are deaf by birth would be able to hear and understand and develop their speech also by which they will be able to gain their learning qualities.

Benefits the project

1. This will definitely improve their lifestyle and will be able to get a job to earn their livelihood. Thus they will be able to paddle their own canoe.

2. These equipments provide screening as well as diagnostic test at very early stage, which is an effective tool for early identification and management of hearing loss. People with hearing loss can benefit from the use of hearing devices such as hearing aids, cochlear implants and other assistive devices which in turn is helpful right from their childhood age.

Who will benefit?

Hearing impaired children and students from the weaker section of community

How many will benefit?

Through Hearing Aids, every year 100 students will be benefited for at least for 7 years which is ideal life of device.

The screening and diagnostic equipment can serve the need of all the new born babies in the local area. The test will help to diagnose the percentage of hearing loss.

What conditions to be addressed?

Student from the financially weaker section cannot afford digital hearing aid due to higher cost hence unable to reach their optimum potential.


33,000 USD

It may be financed as below:

Sl Particulars USD

1 Foreign partner DDF 10,000

2 DDF - RID 3030 5,000

3 Rotary International 15,000

4 Foreign club contribution 2,000

5 Own club contribution 1,000

Total 33,000


List who will be involved

1. Members of Rotary Club, Khamgaon

2. Members & Technical staff of Shriram Education Society

How will they participate?

Members of Rotary Club Khamgaon shall give all the instruments to Shriram Education Society. Members & Technical staff of Shriram Education Society shall take care of day to day working of all the instruments along with timely servicing of the various machines.

Are they experienced in GG?

Our Rotary Club Khamgaon have already completed two Matching Grants and one Global Grant till now and the second Global Grant has already been sanctioned by R.I.

Will there be a third party cooperating organization?


What will each participant do?

Members of Rotary Club Khamgaon shall co-ordinate for the implementation of the project. They shall negotiate with the suppliers and ensure that all instruments are properly installed and are in good working condition. They shall also monitor the execution and usage of instruments from time to time. If required, they shall organise training seminars with the help of the suppliers for effective usage of the instruments.

Members and staff at Shriram Education Society shall be responsible for the day to day operations. They shall make maximum usage of the instruments for the common benefit of all. They shall be responsible for the maintenance of the instruments also. They shall also keep record of usage of instruments so that those are available for checking of any authorities from Rotary. Shriram Education society already has an acoustic room required for testing and also has audiologist for doing Screening & Diagnostic tests of new born babies which will helpful for detection of hearing loss by birth.


How will the results of your project be sustained long after the initial project is completed?

Normal life of a hearing aid is around 7 years and normal life of other testing instruments is around 15 years. Thus, there is sufficiently long period of sustainability if proper repairs and maintenance is done.

Project Recognition, how will it be done?

Project recognition shall be done with the help of all Rotary members and team of Shriram Education Society. Proper publicity shall be given through various doctors, hospitals and newspapers so that people are well aware of such facility. Also, the benefited students and their families shall help us recognise the project for others.





I hope the information provided by me, shall suffice the initial purpose.

Please do let me know, if you require any other information, I will be happy to provide the same.


Always yours in ROTARY

Rtn. Devendra Bhattad

Mobile no.+91-9422182306

Foundation chair

Rotary club Khamgaon

Club no.15517 (Dist.3030)

Primary Host Partner

District: 3030

Rotary Club of: Khamgaon

Primary Contact: Devendra Bhattad

Email: kesar.park@gmail.com

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