Gender Based Violence Rescue





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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Tanzania

Location: Moshi

Total Budget: $48,789

Areas of Focus: Water, sanitation and hygiene, Basic education and literacy

Rotary Area of Focus: Water Sanitation and hygiene/ Basic Education and Literacy

Empowering Young Woman Rescued from Gender-Based Violence and Human Trafficking

The project objective is to enhance and support the program combatting Gender Based Violence at the Kilimanjaro Information Vocational Technology College in Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa.

To accomplish this objective, the project will equip and expand the college training programs to accommodate 75 young women whose education was cut short because of abuse, violence, or some form of human trafficking.

The measurable goals for this project are as follows:

Construct, upgrade, bathrooms and bring in new water and sewer lines to provide young girls the appropriate hygiene facilities that make them feel comfortable and save to return to school.

Enhance literacy training in English, Swahili, and basic math for jobs with upgraded classrooms, lighting, white boards, audio visual equipment.

Expand computer training lab, so that each young woman will be prepared with the basic computer knowledge necessary for the job requirements of the digital world. Need better lighting, AC, additional computers.

Remodel and equipment a large room at the college into a community library and teacher resource center for both the college and the community at large. Local primary and secondary schools do not have libraries. The community library will give local students the opportunity to check out books to improve their literacy skills in reading comprehension. This will also allow teachers to check out books and other resources to use in their classrooms for literacy development. Six thousand (6000) books have been donated and shipped to Tanzania start this part of the project.

Expand and furnish additional classrooms for training in tourism management, wildlife management and conservation of endangered animals. The present classrooms are too small, made of plywood with poor lighting and no white boards or teaching aids.

Equip and expand the training facility for hotel and restaurant management to provide the skills and practical internship experience needed for employment.

Provide workforce development skills in preparation for employment opportunities, i.e. professional imaging, resume writing, interviewing skills, presentation skills, customer service skills, and collaboration skills.

Primary Host Partner

District: 6900

Rotary Club of: Stone Mountain

Primary Contact: Thomas smith

Email: tls49@hotmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 9214

Rotary Club of: Moshi

Primary Contact: Onesmo Ngowi

Email: onesmongowi16@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $45,689
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #2234536.

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System Entry: Pledge of $100 by Chehab Elawar of the Rotary Club of Las Vegas WON, District 5300.


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System Entry: Pledge of $3,000 by Thomas smith of the Rotary Club of Stone Mountain, District 6900.

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