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Region: South America

Country: Brazil

Location: Blumenau

Total Budget: $40,000

Area of Focus: Water, sanitation and hygiene

The Samae Water Treatment Station (Autonomous Water and Sewage Service), ETA III, located in the extreme south of Blumenau, is currently responsible for supplying about 30% of the municipality, capturing water from the Garcia stream, whose main springs are located within a federal conservation unit, the Serra do Itajaí National Park. However, between downstream of this and upstream of the catchment, there is only one potentially polluting source capable of compromising the quality of the source, the rural community of Nova Russia. Therefore, ensuring the proper conditions for the sanitation of this community is to guarantee the quality not only of the water collected, but also of the water that will be treated and distributed to more than 100,000 people.

In order to identify the situation of the sanitary sewage conditions in Nova Russia, Samae technicians went to the field and, in 2019, completed the first sanitary diagnosis of the community, classified in sanitary terms as an isolated community, that is, not covered by the public collection and effluent treatment. This diagnosis reached the following worrying results: 16% of the houses do not have any form of sanitary treatment, discharging their effluents directly into the Garcia and Minas da Prata streams or into sinks; in the remaining 84% of the houses, the effluents are sent to septic tanks, followed or not by complementary treatment, of which only 15% have inspection ducts, and only 2% carry out periodic cleaning. In short, the sewerage condition of the locality is precarious and requires significant improvements. This Rotary Foundation Global Grant funding project is essentially of the area of focus Water and Sanitation, as it aims to address the sewage system of the 40 poorest homes in the community, unable to afford this investment, implementing ecological and sustainable sewage treatment systems, and thus suppressing the direct and indirect discharge of its effluents into the Garcia and Minas da Prata streams. As a result, this project also addresses the areas of focus Disease Prevention and Treatment and Supporting the Environment of The Rotary Foundation.

After this project and with the interest and support of Samae, the other houses will be guided to invest in the implementation of this system in order to universalize ecological sanitation throughout the rural community of Nova Russia, which is why this project also addresses the area of focus Economic and Community Development of The Rotary Foundation.

Although the septic tank and anaerobic filter set is the model established in most Brazilian municipalities, its function is to reasonably remove the excessive organic load present in the sewage, requiring periodic maintenance of the system through the septic tank truck, a practice almost non-existent in that community.

This Rotary Foundation Global Grant funding project is proposed to build in that community 40 autonomous ecological and sustainable sewage treatment systems, the Evapotranspiration Tanks - TEvaps, popularly known as Green cesspool or Ecological cesspool.

This method of treatment seeks to imitate the natural processes of purification of organic matter through the action of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) and plant species that make up the system, allowing water and nutrients to be reused: the liquid fraction of sewage (99%) is evaporated by the soil and transpired by plant leaves, while the solid part (1%) is incorporated into the vegetation biomass.

According to the pilot project for the implementation of the TEvap type ecological cesspool built by the first family of the rural community of Nova Russia, the total investment, including machinery and labor, was US$ 1,000 per TEvap. As this project proposes to fund the construction of 40 TEvap ecological cesspits, the total value of this Rotary Foundation Global Grant funding project in the area of focus Water and Sanitation, subarea Watershed Management, is US$ 40,000.

This project to finance the construction of 40 TEvap type ecological septic tanks will directly serve 40 houses in the rural community of Nova Russia that will no longer discharge their effluents directly and indirectly into the Garcia stream. In addition, the improvement of the water quality of this source, from where Samae, through its Water Treatment Station - ETA III, collects and treats the water that supplies around 30% of the population of Blumenau, implies, therefore, an improvement of the water quality of about 100,000 people.

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District: 4652

Rotary Club of: Blumenau-Garcia

Primary Contact: Francisco Adell Péricas

Email: fapericas@gmail.com

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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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