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Project Description

Region: South America

Country: Colombia

Location: Quindio

Total Budget: $58,032

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

Our work with adolescent mothers in vulnerable conditions made it possible to identify, through surveys and interviews, different disparities such as their status as women, girls, youth, migrants, and pregnant women that limit their opportunities and well-being. From the surveys and interviews conducted, we found that these disparities continue to grow with greater force due to the difficulties of access to education and the possibility of a higher level of schooling; followed by limitations in the development of skills for work that would enable them to obtain a job and / or generate a means of subsistence for themselves and their children. Likewise, and given their situation as adolescent mothers, they lack knowledge and resources for self-care during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. They need access to basic medical, nutritional and psychosocial support that provides them with the necessary tools to attend to their pregnancy and their condition as new mothers. Our project understands that the empowerment of adolescent mothers must include a holistic process which we divided into three stages:

i) Training opportunities in specific job skills to improve access to sustainable livelihoods.

ii) Medical care during pregnancy, postpartum and training for self-care and care for the new born baby.

iii) Psychosocial support for the development of their life project and the strengthening of maternal and filial ties in the beneficiary's family environment. These lines are strengthened through a process of training in leadership, skills and abilities that empowers them and helps them gain autonomy.


Direct Beneficiaries Indirect Beneficiaries

Up to 50 Adolescent Mothers Surrounding Family (Couple, Close Family, Friends, etc.)

Up to 50 Babies Surrounding Family (Couple, Close Family, Friends, etc.)

Phase 1 (1 month): Identify and diagnose the beneficiaries (restoration of rights, educational status, abilities and skills).

Phase 2 (6 months): Carry out psychosocial and medical monitoring during the gestation period, and work on their life project.

Phase 3 (6 months): Strengthen the mother-child bond, advance psychosocial support and work on skills and attitudes.

Phase 4 (6 months): Training in various skills, leadership, empowerment, strengthen life project, and develop occupational skills.

Phase 5 (5 months): Promote their potential and occupational initiatives, provide psychosocial support and preparation for the end of the project.

In a transversal way, the axes of health and well-being and occupational and productive capacities will be worked on in each of the phases of the project.


1. Delivery of a basic kit to the beneficiaries for the development of their business in the area of beauty or event decoration.

2. Making strategic alliances with institutions that provide job opportunities to beneficiaries trained in the administrative area.

3. Generating and training a well-managed core team to guarantee the operability and environments required for the project.

4. Network of donors who contribute financially to the management of the project.

5. Create a group of professionals who support the beneficiary training processes. (Volunteers).

6. Generate alliances with institutions for the training of beneficiaries.

7. Previous 5 years of experience in the accompaniment of adolescent mothers that has provided insight on the needs of this population.

8. An implemented and systematized Model that allows its effective replication in different environments.



Beauty area (30 places, 5 modules can be in makeup, nails, hairdressing) 18,000,000

Kit for training process in beauty and future work 9,000,000

Training in administrative area (10 places for accounting assistant, administrative assistant) 15,000,000

Different areas of interest (10 places in gastronomy or event decoration) 6,000,000

Kit for training in different areas of interest 3,000,000

Training in strengthening the life project, workshops for participant and immediate family. Part-time Social Worker for the provision of services (1,200,000) 28,800,000

Training and monitoring in maternal health and newborn care Doctor 40 hours per month (30,000 per hour) 28,800,000

Leadership and entrepreneurship training 3,120,000

Paper and Ink 3,000,000

Help with internet connections for beneficiaries 3,300,000

Internet x 24 months 1,800,000

Cellphone plan 480,000

Total Training 120,300,000


10 laptops for training and school use 16,000,000

4 work tables for workshops, training, etc. 1,040,000

Medical Examination table 500,000

Blood pressure monitor + stethoscope kit 70,000

Baby height measurement tool 70,000

Measuring tape 7,200

Fetal Doppler 610,000

Digital Baby Scale 495,000

Analog infantometer 130,000

Scale Profesional Health O Meter ® 142kl 179,800

ENT ophthalmoscope diagnostic kit 290,000

Medical and biosafety supplies (gloves, tongue depressor, mask, cotton, alcohol, etc.) 2,000,000

Medical aid (only in case of not receiving the service from the health system). This will be used for appointments with specialists, laboratories, or ultrasounds. * 75,000 monthly 1,800,000

3 Drawer Metal File Cabinet 680,000

Total Equipment 23,872,000


Project Coordinador 36,000,000

Accounting (175.000 por 24 months) 4,200,000

Total Administration 40,200,000


Systematization of the model (project documentation, cross-sectional analysis of good practices and preparation of the document) 10,000,000

Total Monitoring and Evalutation 10,000,000

TOTAL 194,372,000

Financial costs 3% 5,831,160

Unforeseen costs 10% 19,437,200

PROJECT TOTAL 219,640,360



Primary Host Partner

District: 4281

Rotary Club of: Armenia International

Primary Contact: Jacob Paul

Email: jacob@zonaj.net

Primary International Partner

District: 6330

Rotary Club of: District 6330 Passport

Primary Contact: Tanya Wolff

Email: pdgtanya@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $53,232
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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