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Project Description

Region: Africa

Country: Nigeria

Location: Ibadan

Total Budget: $33,901

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment

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The Ibadan community assessment identified needs for teachers to have self-sustaining training in the skills and knowledge of School Counselor, able to:

- screen students for stress, anxiety and depression

- provide depression awareness train-the-trainer workshops for faculty, parents and students

- communicate the protocol for referral throughout the school community

This two year project (September 2022 through August 2024) will collaborate with the local university to enable full time working faculty to complete training in School Counseling on half-day Fridays and Saturdays for 40 weeks.

The beneficiaries are:

• About 500 students annually from 5 schools (100% of the students within one grade / standard will participate, typically age 14)

• Their parents

• About 50 faculty and staff from the 5 schools, including 20 teachers whom will earn a full year Certificate in School Counseling

• The local university, which will earn higher tuition revenue by providing courses during hours when working teachers can attend

Club members will be involved with tasks according to each member's skills and interests, including photography and articles. Examples:

- One member will be responsible for scheduling and communications with one of the five schools.

- At least one member will arrange and be present at every train-the-trainer workshop with faculty/peer mentors, parents and students.

- One member will be supervising the project administrator and communicating with the project consulting psychologist each month.

- One member will encourage mental health and wellness promotion in the district.

$ 33,901 USD Funds usage

$ 8,000 Operations: Full time, 2 years, Psychologist / Counselor

$ 4,667 Operations: Part time, 2 years, Psychologist / Trainer

$ 7,467 Operations: Teacher tuition subsidy for full year Certificate in School Counseling

$ 2,667 Project management: Administration, schedules, survey distribution and collection

$ 1,333 Monitoring/evaluation: Outcomes Calculator survey data entry and summary reporting within a week of each workshop

$ 6, 767 Operations: Supplies Train-the-trainer workshop materials for faculty, parents, students

$ 3,000 Operations: Contingency of 9%

$ 345 TRF Funds Processing Fee

Primary Host Partner

District: 9125

Rotary Club of: Ibadan Idi-Ishin

Primary Contact: Felix Kingsley Obialo

Email: feking@yahoo.com

Primary International Partner

District: 6960

Rotary Club of: Naples

Primary Contact: Bob Anthony

Email: rwa1645@gmail.com

Project Status

Need $2,401
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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by Bob Anthony

System Entry: Pledge of $15,000 DDF by Bob Anthony of the Rotary Club of Naples, District 6960.

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