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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Jaipir

Total Budget: $173,000

Areas of Focus: Water, sanitation and hygiene, Community economic development, The environment

Plantation Project Report. (For Global Grant)

Rajasthan state is located in the north west of India. It is a largest state of the country by area and seventh largest by population. The state is comprising mostly large and inhospitable "Thar Desert". The average rainfall in the state is much less than national average. The natural water sources are negligible. For water requirements state is mainly depends on ground water and rain water. The ground water level is depleting every year and now in a bad condition. The most of the state area falls under abnormally dark zone. Agriculture in the state is mainly based on rains. The financial condition of farmers of state are not good, most of the farmers are below poverty line. For the upliftment of economic condition of farmers, to create green zone, create oxygen zone and water harvesting or conservation, a project is required urgently in the state. Our club wants to start the said project with the assistance of Global Grant and DRFC funds. The project details are as under: -

1. About the project: By this project we will be able to give back to conducive environment and water to mother nature. It will enhance the economic conditions of local farmers.

2. Identification of Land and area: A detailed serve of the area was conducted around Jaipur city (around 50 KM from city area in Chomu Block).

3. Work: Plantation, Rain Water harvesting and collection of water for direct use. Installation of solar water pump and drip irrigation system.

Main Objects:

1. Plantation will be in farmer's land. Only fruits plants will be cultivated. The plants will grow after three years and will start reaping fruit crop. The life of plants are ten years. We will execute an agreement with the individual farmer wherein farmers will undertake that he/she will take care of plants/trees and in any circumstance, he will not cut the plants/trees. Rotary person, Club members, consultants etc. will monitor the project and can visit for required inspection. A local authority person "Village Sarpanch" will endorse the same. All income from crop will go to farmer.

2. Water harvesting for recharge of ground water and collected water would use directly for plantation/ dirking water. A pond can be constructed in farm land for the storge of water or recharge of old borewell/open well.

3. Install solar water pumps and irrigation system in farm land.

Benefits of Plantation:

1. Create Green zone.

2. Store Carbon.

3. Regulate extreme weather temperature.

4. Improve soil and water conservation.

5. Increase Birds habitat.

6. To improve Economic conditions of farmers.

Benefits of Rain Water Conservation/Harvesting:

1. Easy to maintain.

2. Independent water supply.

3. Reduce Floods and soil erosion.

4. Rainwater for drinking purpose.

5. Reduce water bills.

6. Improvement in ground water level.

7. Increase in agriculture produce.

Benefits of Solar water pump.

1. Reduce electric bills.

2. End of dependability of electric supply.

3. Improve irrigation System.

Benefits of Drip irrigation system.

1. Save water.

2. Improve efficiency of farmer.

3. Better growth of plantation.

4. Improve cultivation area.

Project details phase wise.

Phase-1 / Project No-1

Plantation & irrigation (Development of green zone)

Phase-1 / Project No-2

Rain water harvesting

Phase-1 / Project No-3

Solar water pump (Solar Boring Station)

Phase-2 / Project No-1

Plantation & irrigation (Support for three years)

Phase-2 / Project No-2

Rain water harvesting (Support up to three years)

Phase-2 / Project No-Solar water pump (Solar Boring Station) (Support up to three years)

Proposed project report on Livelihood enhancement through Integrated Horticulture in Chomu Block

Executive Summary

• The proposed project is to enhance the livelihood opportunity for poor and marginalised farmers along with entrepreneur setup in Chomu Block of Jaipur District. The project will be implemented in Dhodsar, Singod Khurd, Singod Kala, Nangal Kala, Dhoblai and Anantpura Panchayat with the support of local administration. From each Panchayat, 25-50 needy farmers will be selected with the help of Panchayat.

• The Proposed project aim is to enhance the income of small land holding farmers through minimum input cost through integrated agriculture practices. As nationwide, the groundwater level is decreasing day by day which is a major concern for the farmers to get a profitable income from their agricultural land. The av. Rainfall in Rajasthan is 600mm which is below half of national average rainfall. Also the unpredictable climatic change is a big concern to fulfil the demand of agricultural produce in upcoming decade.

• This project will be able to provide sustainable livelihood opportunity to the marginal and small land holding farmers. It will also contribute in prevention of climate change, green restoration in the block through fulfilling the needs of local community in ensuring them livelihood opportunity and achieving demand driven need of farmers.

Project Name Livelihood enhancement through Integrated Horticulture development Project

Project Geographical Area Six Panchayat of Chomu Block of Jaipur District (Dhodsar Singod Khurd, Singod Kala, Nangal Kala, Dhoblai and Anantpura Panchayat)

Location Latitude - 27.2861950, Longitude- 75.6259006, Elevation - 50 feet

Major Activities 18000+ fruit sapling Plantation to 120 farmers for sustainable livelihood, water conservation and subsidized solar energy equipment for farmers and Livelihood Initiatives with focus on marginalised community.

Major Partner Rotary International, Mayur Uniquorters and Concerned Panchayat

• The project location is six Panchayat of Chomu block of Jaipur District which is situated 35 km away from the city Jaipur.

Project Detail

• This is a three-year project with first year financial support and capacity building support and another two years with handhold, follow-up and resource building support.

• Major Activities and financial support provide to target community member are as follow:

S. No. Particular (Activities) Subsidy (in %) Farmer contribution Remarks

1. Fruit Sapling for Orchid development (120 * 150)

18000 Plant

(+/- 10%) 100 % 0 % Farmers will be selected by the panchayats. Land preparation will be done by the farmers for plantation.

2. Pit digging 100 % 0%

3. Manuring (1 Kg/ pit/year) 100 % 0% Rest manuring will be done by farmer as per need.

4. Water distribution (Drip installation to plants) 75 % 25 % Labour work will be in the farmers share

5. Water source creation (Only Pond) 10*10*10 ft) 75 % 25 % 25 % of total cost will be bear by the farmer, it consist, 500 micron sheet, digging & labour)

6 Solar system with Motor 75 % 25 % Solar panel with starter & 1 Hp motor

7. Vermi kit (20*4*2.5 ft) 100 % 0 %

• To ensure proper implementation of project and outcome, a local committee will be formed of farmers (Farmer Interest Group) and local PRI member.

• The project directly providing income and livelihood benefits of selected 150 One Hundred Fifty through different intervention

• Before first harvesting, a Farmer Producer Company will be formed of the selected farmers to sell their produce after value addition to penetrate market for providing better profit to the farmers.

• Budget Estimate:

S. No Particulars Amount (in Rs.) Remarks

1 Plants (Grafted/Hybrid) 21,00,000 Including transportation and labor, 5 feet height (150 plants*120 farmers) along pit digging

2 Vermi compost 5,00,000 Per plant 1 Kg/year including all transportation & labor

3 Insecticide and termite resistant 200,000 per plant 100 gm

4 Water conservation structure (RWHS, Poly Pond) 1,200,000 40 farmer (10*10) *Rs 30000 (500-micron sheet, labor)

5 Solar energy and Motor 2,000,000 Max. 40 farmers

6 Drip system for 150 plants 5,000,000 Drip for 150 plants with 15 L spray machine inclusive transportation & labour. 40 Framers.

Rs.7 Capacity building 200,000 Exposure to KVK and SIAM, Jaipur and training

8 Human Resource 10,00,000 1 technical expert (M&E) and 1 Documentation & communication expert for 3 years

9 Vermi kit(20*4*2.5 ft) 400,000 Vermi kit of 400 GSM with ISI standard

Total in INR


• Estimated budget required to procure the necessary particulars for the project is Rs. 12,600,000/- i.e., 168000/- US$ and plus Grant charges around 5000/- US$, total project cost is 173000 US$.

• Estimated income for 3rd year income shown in annexture-1

Financial arrangements:

1. 60000 US$ available with club.

2. 63000 US$ will be arrange from various DRFC.

3. 50000 US$ will be arrange from Global Grant.


1. Develop Oxygen zone.

2. Consummation of Carban dioxide.

3. Increase employment in local area.

4. Increase economic condition of local area.

5. Project will give Rotary a huge recognition.

6. People of local area get fresh air, fresh water.

7. Water level of project area will increase in three years.

8. Develop Green area zone.

Annexure- 1

• Current state of crop being harvested I the year, grains produced and the income per bigha

1. The below table is applicable only for those farmers who have water source for irrigation along with 1 Pakka Bigha.

Income and Expenditure Model for a Farmer having one Bigha Land Table- A

S. No Crop Season Crop Type Per Bigha Production (In quintal) MSP rate Total expenditure/Bigha Total Income/Bigha Net Profit Remark


Kharif Bajra 10 2250 23000 22500 -500 In return to farmer self- labor work, get husk of the crop for their cattle

Gwar 10 4200 23000 42000 19000

Ground nut 6 5550 23000 33300 10300



Barley 15 1600 23000 24000 1000

Wheat 15 1975 23000 29625 6625

Mustard 10 4650 23000 46500 23500

3 Zaid Chilli 33.75 NA 32050 50625 18575

Tomato 40 NA 32050 60000 27950

• The proposed crop cycle in the year, intended crops per year and the income per bigha Table-B

For Initial 3 year the production will remain same after the plantation, Additional income will be generated in 3rd year (Status of income - expenditure in 3rd)

S. No Crop Season Crop Type Per Bigha Production (In Quin.) MSP rate Total expenditure/Bigha in 3rd year Total Income/Bigha in 3rd year Remark

Crop Plants Total Exp. upto 3rd year Crop Plants Income in 3rd year Net Profit to farmer in 3rd year

1 Kharif Bajra 10 2250 23000 60000 138050 22500 100000 221287 83237

Gwar 10 4200 23000 42000

Ground nut 6 5550 23000 33300

2 Rabi Barley 15 1600 23000 24000

Wheat 15 1975 23000 29625

Mustard 10 4650 23000 46500

3 Zaid Chilli 33.75 NA 32050 50625

Tomato 40 NA 32050 60000

• This will help us measure the financial viability which the TRF in now insisting

Primary Host Partner

District: 3054

Rotary Club of: Jaipur Mid Town

Primary Contact: K. P. Bajaj

Email: kantibajaj@gmail.com

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