Oral Cancer Detection





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Project Description

Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Yamunanagar

Total Budget: $164,931

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment


The estimated cancer prevalence in India is around 2.25 million, with more than 8 lakhs new cases and 5.5 lakhs deaths occurring each year. Many of the cases are not reported because of ignorance or social stigma attached to the disease. Detection of Pre-cancerous conditions of oral / head and neck regions is financially as well as technically easier and more beneficial as compared to cancer treatment.


The model CS 9600 CBCT from Carestream is the latest imaging system which can transform completely the sphere of diagnosis and treatment of all bony and intraosseous diseases including bony invasion in oral cancer.


This will be the first CBCT imaging centers in Distt. Yamuna Nagar, and surrounding District Sirmour, Saharanpur, Panipat, Ambala, Kurukshetra and in adjoining Himachal Pradesh regions. This will benefit the whole population in this part of North India.

Sustainability of project

This project is being done in collaboration with D.A.V © Dental College and Hospital. Doctors and Support staff will be provided by them. We have done another Global Grant Project of Dental Van to provide oral treatment in remote areas and this project has been very successful.

Past major projects done by Rotary Yamunanagar with approximate cost

1. Dental Van - Global Grant Project - INR 28 Lakh

2. Gas fired crematorium - INR 200 Lakh

3. Fully operational RVTC providing Sewing, Mobile Repair and Computer education - 50 Lakh

4. 100 + Schools made into Happy schools by providing Desks, Solar Power, Toilets, Handwash stations, Library infrastructure, drinking water RO and coolers, School Walls painting, Books - Some of these schools covered under Global Grant Project - 75 Lakh

5. Arya Kanya School provided with multiple facilities and a basketball court - 40 Lakh

6. 12 Low-Cost Shelters built and handed over to beneficiaries. - 100 Lakh

Approximate cost of Oral Cancer Detection Project (may vary at the time of execution of project)

Equipment Indian Rupees Unit Cost +GST Qty Final Cost

CS 9600 CBCT system 7800000 1 7800000

Oral Pathology & Microbiology material and instrumentation 2000000 1 2000000

Velscope 996800 1 996800

Soft tissue Oral Laser 335000 1 335000

Autoclave 120000 2 240000

Brush Biopsy 15000 10 150000

Toluidine Blue Kits 10000 10 100000

Punch Biopsy 1500 20 30000

Incisional and Excisional Biopsy Kit 1800 10 18000

Advertisement and Training 700000 1 700000

Total Cost in INR ₹ 12,369,800

Total Cost in USD at a conversion rate of 1 USD = 75 INR $ 164931

Primary Host Partner

District: 3080

Rotary Club of: Yamunanagar

Primary Contact: Vishal Mehta

Email: vishal@essitco.com

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Project Status

Need $164,931
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Project listed for the 2022-23 Rotary Year.

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Oral Cancer Detection


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