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Project Description

Region: South-East Asia

Country: India

Location: Pune

Total Budget: $34,767

Areas of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment, Maternal and child health

Appeal for participating in Global Grant for

UPGRADING PEDIATRIC SURGERY UNIT at Sassoon General Hospital, Pune

About our RC Pune Heritage

Our Club, Rotary Club of Pune Heritage (District 3131 - Club No. 86399), is a seven years old club. We have sixty active members with variety of classification. We have few experienced rotary members as well as new enthusiastic young rotary members. In last seven years we have successfully carried out more than 300+ community service projects in seven focus areas of Rotary. We have completed Three Global Grant Projects

1) Establishing Pediatric Neurology unit at Sassoon Hospital Pune in 2018 along with Rotary Club Of Barrie - Kempenfelt of District 7010 (GG 1867478)

2) Upgrading Pediatric Respiratory Unit at Sassoon Hospital in 2021 along with Rotary Club Of Cottleville / Weldon Spring Club Of District 6060 ( GG 2121689)

3) Establishing Pediatric Laparoscopy Surgery Setup at Sassoon Hospital in 2021 along with Rotary Club Of Cottleville / Weldon Spring Club Of District 6060 (GG 2232732)

With earlier good experience, this year we decided to undertake another global grant project with Sassoon Hospital.

About Sassoon Hospital

Sassoon General Hospital is a large tertiary care referral center in Pune, with 1296 beds. It is run by the Government of Maharashtra. The hospital serves, almost free of cost, the needs of patients from urban and rural Pune. Other Rotary clubs in Dist. 3131 also have done many medical projects in association with Sassoon hospital.

About Project


(Focus Area - Disease Prevention & Treatment and Mother & Child Healthcare)

Presently, about 36,000 children visit to hospital as outpatients per year & 12,000 requires admission & management thereof. Out of these nearly 1500-1800 patients ( including neonates) have birth defects which many a times are life- threating Pediatric surgery department of Sassoon Hospital attends many types of pediatric surgery cases. Out of these, nearly 1500 to 1800 children have birth defects, of them many times are life threatening. Pediatric Surgery Unit operates on these.

About 70 to 80 major & super major surgeries are performed in Sassoon for correcting congenital anomalies as well as childhood cancers.

Such surgeries are very expensive in private hospitals and are out of reach for poor patients. In view of our earlier year association, hospital authorities have approached & requested our club for helping them to UPGRADING PEDIATRIC SURGERY UNIT, in Sassoon hospital.

This requirement will provide additional ICU set Up for

1) The equipment demanded will enable the doctors to detect anomalies in these babies on time.

so that they can perform surgeries early before the babies become critical

2) Care of babies before & after the Operation for faster & complication free recovery. Reduce the surgery time, cost, as well as risk factors in open type surgeries, Pediatric Laparoscopy setup is essential.

3) The babies can be discharged early thereafter, the patient turn over & bed utilization will improve.

Equipment needed


No. Item / Equipment name No. of Units Unit Cost

(Rs) Total Cost


1 Overhead Phototherapy Unit 1 40,320 40,320

2 Undersurface Phototherapy Unit 1 26,880 26,880

3 C-Arm Machine (9'' High Frequency)

with LED Marker 1 9,67,000 9,67,000

4 X-ray Machine (100mA) 1 1,40,000 1,40,000

5 Syringe Pump Stand 6 15,930 95,580

6 Mini Muscle Stimulator 2 3,304 6,608

7 Neonatal Resuscitation Kit 4 5000 20,000

8 Rigid Pediatric Bronchoscope with

optical forceps 1 14,50,000 14,50,000

9 Advertisement & Signage 1 Set 25,000 25,000

10 Administrative & Official cost - 10,000 10,000

Grand Total 27,81,388

Total Cost Approximate USD 34,767/-


The donated equipment will be used for surgeries of more than 1500 to 1800 child patients admitted for correction of congenital anomalies. These patients will treated free of charge. Cost of such treatment in private hospital may range from INR 15000 to 50000 (approx. USD 230 to 800). These equipments will be very useful to treat New Born to 15 years old children.

Appeal for Funds

Sr. No. DETAILS Amount USD RI Foundation Funding USD

1 Cash contribution by RCP Heritage 15152 0

2 DDF from Dist. 3131 4,000 3,200

3 Cash contribution by foreign club 5,215 0

4 DDF from Partner Club District 4,000 3200


We have already started to raise our own club contribution and few local clubs are also ready to contribute. We feel that the main purpose of Rotary is achieved here because the hospitalis specially for economically weaker section. That why we feel that we are

maintaining the mission of Rotary to serve to humanity.


1. Rtn. Madhumita Barve -9422000639 - madhumitabarve@gmail.com

2. Rtn. Vinay Nevase - 9822095151 - rtn.vinaynevase@gmail.com

3. Rtn. Swati Mulay - 9960593397 - samy.166@gmail.com

4. Sp. Mohan Kakade - 988 1139 660 - mvkakade@gmail.com

Primary Host Partner

District: 3131

Rotary Club of: Pune Heritage

Primary Contact: 9422000638

Email: madhumitabarve@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

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Need $12,415
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Project listed for the 2022-23 Rotary Year.

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