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Region: North America

Country: Mexico

Location: Juarez

Total Budget: $59,665

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

According to the Social Constructivist developmental and learning framework Cognitivists such as Piaget and Perry see knowledge, language and culture as actively constructed by learners in response to interactions with environmental stimuli and interaction with peers and others.

According to Vygotsky, the level of actual development is the level of development that the learner has already reached, and is the level at which the learner is capable of solving problems independently. The level of potential development (the "zone of proximal development") is the level of development that the learner is capable of reaching. It comprises cognitive structures that are still in the process of maturing, but which can only mature under proper guidance, in correct interactions and collaboration with others and under the influence of healthy environments.

Impacting 617 elementary students, 503 families and more than 2,000 family members from the Primaria federal Luis García Guzmán elementary school, our Dignifying Education for Unprivileged Children Initiative focuses on enabling students to reach the level of potential development of the child by promoting positive dynamic interactions and activities that provide opportunities for students to build their own truth based on clean, ordered and secure spaces where positive habits, values and relations are fostered

Based on the implementation of the 5s Japanese quality model in education for creating organized and productive school environments by sorting, straightening, shining, standardizing, and sustaining settings,

By implementing the 5's Japanese Quality Model we have developed a process that generates optimal learning environments through a model of collaboration, involvement and active participation of Staff, students, parents, and community members, where students come to dignified environments where classrooms are enhanced and equipped with adequate lighting, air conditioning, and new classroom furniture, restrooms are rehabilitated to assure cleanliness, hygiene and proper maintenance, teachers and students have access to a vast variety of school supplies, teaching resources and internet access, and disadvantaged students have access to all classrooms and facilities.

This implementation of the 5's quality method in education, has found to provide students with better opportunities building pride and ownership, improving academic achievement, increasing teacher and student motivation and their level of commitment to their work, creating enjoyable environments conducive to pedagogical development. By working hand on hand and training stakeholders under this model physical spaces are enhanced to where both teacher and student WANT to be developing a strong sense of ownership assuring the success and sustainability of the project.

Detailed actions for this project include:

• 30 hrs. of training and PD for faculty, teachers, administrators, students and community members on the 5's Japanese quality model to ensure the proper use of resources and project sustainability

• Enhancing restrooms by renewing 6 lavatories, bathroom screens and faucets, installing metallic paper towel, toilet paper and soap dispensers.

• Acquire new classroom furniture for all 17 classrooms consisting in 425 student desks, 17 for teachers 17 desk chairs, seventeen 28 cube storage organizers 3 mobile library bookcases, 3 media carts, 3 projectors and 18 tablets.

• Acquire internet services for a multimedia classroom.

• Equip classrooms with proper lighting fixtures to reach a recommended minimum illumination for classrooms of 400 lux

• Equip classrooms with proper air-conditioning units to keep temperatures within a 68 to 75 degrees during winter months and within a 74 to 79 degrees range during the summer.

• Enhance sidewalks to assure proper and secure transit under the different weather conditions in the region, for students, teachers, and special needs persons in-between buildings.

• Provide classroom school supplies for all 17 classrooms based on age and subjects taught.

Please see attached documents for project plan and budget.

Primary Host Partner

District: 4110

Rotary Club of: Juárez Integra

Primary Contact: Jonathan Hernandez

Email: jhernandez@sanpatricio.com.mx

Primary International Partner

District: 5330

Rotary Club of: Save Our Planet

Primary Contact: Bricia ElAawar

Email: bricialam@hotmail.com

Project Status

Need $56,465
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Project listed for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.

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