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Region: Eastern Europe

Country: Ukraine

Location: Cherkasy

Total Budget: $111,020

Areas of Focus: Peacebuilding and conflict prevention, Maternal and child health, The environment

Activity Type: Community Development: General

Summary: 5 sailboats to train steering and teams of young yachtsmen, 1 boat for judges and equipment for sailing races will be donated for resumption of work and transferred to the Children Sailing School in Cherkasy, in central Ukraine.

Areas of Focus:

Children sport rehabilitation during war in Ukraine, when navigation was forbidden due to shelling and mine dangerous only in Cherkasy on a Dnipro River young sailors from frontlines and central Ukraine in a period of daily bombing and air alarms could continue trainings and receive mental care treatment with the help of coaches and children psychologists during special art-therapy or breath therapy lessons and sport rehabilitation activities. Children sailing and Adapting sailing for the victims of war are very needed in local communities and Ukrainian society and promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people. Attracting attention to the problems of ecology & clean water with participation in the IYFR World Plastic Free Waters Program.

There is no such project in our region and in Ukraine now - only in a part of Dnipro between two islands we received special permission from our local military-civilian regional administration to go on water with children boats for training with the help of instructors (some of them are war veterans after amputations and prosthetic medical care), together with parents and supporting of the water police and resources with the immediate breaks during rocket or drones attacks.

ACTION: EVERY CHILD needs special attention and support. Some children, togetherwith their parents, were evacuated to safer territories both ni Ukraine and abroad. Children have witnessed murders, lost family members, survived the horrors of occupation, survived rocket attacks and need our help as soon as possible. The official sad statistics show that 75% of children have been psychologically traumatized by the war, every fifth child has sleep disorders, every child has a reduced desire to communicate, nightmares and memory loss. We must do everything possible to help children forget the horrors of war, and prevent the enemy from taking their lives, health, opportunities for rest, sports, sailingrehabilitation.

BACKGROUND: The war against Ukraine started on 24th February 2022. Many children have been affected, physically injured, suffering psychological injuries, being forced to leave their homes or shelter other children. According to official data, 460 children have been killed to date and more than 900 children injured. The data is by nomeans final...


The history of children's sailing in Cherkasy began in 1960.

The primary goal of the school was to integrate children of war into society and to prepare them for future service in the army.

As of 1990, Cherkasy children were able to train and participate in competitions on yachts of the classes "Tornado", "Flying Dutch", "Cadet", "Optimist", "AK Dingo", "470", "420".

According to very rough estimates, more than 3,000 children have passed through sailing since the creation of the first school in 1960 until the last school closed in 1992.

From childhood, the ability to harness the power of wind and water for thousands of Cherkasy citizens became a pass into an adult successful life, devoid of bad habits, antisocial environment.

Many Cherkassy citizens-Rotarians owe their success in life to children's sailing.

The end of the Soviet era, the financial problems of independent Ukraine, the lack of understanding of the importance of sports in general, and sailing for children in particular, were the factors that led to the closure of all children's sailing schools in Cherkasy, the sale of all yachts and all property to individuals.

Children's sailing in Cherkasy was gone.

In 2019 Cherkasy yachtsmen, who grew up on children's yachting, created Cherkasy Ukrainian Fleet.

Cherkasy yachtsmen became members of Rotary Club Cherkasy.

And now we appeal to the worldwide Rotary community and present their our restoration project (after more than 25 years break) of the Children's Sailing School (Cherkasy, Ukraine)

Our project consists of two parts - intangible and tangible.

The intangible part of the project is that, with your help, it will give Cherkasy children the following qualities:

- Independence

- Spatial thinking

- Purposeful

- Oneness with nature

- Habit to order

- Endurance

- Responsibility

- Ability to predict the result

- Courage

- Patience

Children's sailing school is an opportunity to adapt to society children from disadvantaged families, children of unreliable parents, orphans, children whose parents were killed in the conflict in the Donbass, children with disabilities, children from single families.

Children's sailing school is a promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people.

Sailing is attracting attention to the problems of ecology, clean water - because without love for the natural elements, there will be no future for humanity.

The material part is the need to purchase equipment for the restoration of a children's sports sailing school in Cherkasy.

No. Name of equipment and supplies Unit Quant. Price USD Amount USD

1 "Ultra" water simulator for training * pcs 5 2600 13000

2 "YAWL-4" water simulator for team rowing and sailing ** pcs 5 6000 30000

3 PowerBoat to provide quality training

process and safety of children and young people on the water ***

pcs 1 5720 5720

4 Watercraft-type engine for training boat **** pcs 1 8500 8500

5 Trailer for raising and lowering a training boat ***** pcs 1 800 800

6 S / Y for various level competitions and teaching children and young people of sailing skills ****** pcs 1 38000 38000

7 Reconstruction of the material base ******* 15000 15000

Total USD 111020

* "ULTRA" - complete set: plastic housing, mash-up, stubble, mast, sails, running rigging, production: Ukraine, Bora LLC www.bora.ck.ua

** "YAWL-4" - complete set: plastic housing, stern plastic, production Ukraine, Bora LLC

*** "Boat" - type BORA 450B, material - plastic, length - 4,49 m; width - 2,1 m, production Ukraine, Bora LLC

All the above plastic products and equipment are manufactured in Ukraine.

The manufacturer guarantees the above prices while maintaining the stated quantity of products.

The manufacturer's warranty and service obligations are 3 years from the date of purchase.

++++ "Engine" - a water-jet type that does not injure people - MERCURY JET 40 EFL

***** S / Y - length 7-8 meters, width 2.5-3 meters, sail area - 35-40 m2, power of stationary engine - 25 horsepower.

****** "Reconstruction" - stationary cover for rainfall boats, dry room for comfortable dressing and drying of wet things, training class and room for trainers.

Cherkasy Yacht Club allocates territory for storage of water simulators, boats, yachts and equipment for them, provides descent of water simulators and boats, power supply, provides sailing instructors for the training period for the Children's Sailing School.

And during war we continue sailing and training, organize summer rehabilitation sport camps for children refugees and mental care treatment with the help of sport rehabilitation techniques for children and adults.

There is no such project in our region and in the world.

Your support is a huge and significant mission for the fulfilment of our project.

Any of your contributions, your words of encouragement - this is our boundless gratitude to you - our supporters!

Who from the community participated in the assessment?

Olha Paliychuk, Past-President of RC Cherkasy 2018-2019, Club Foundation Chair 2017-2024, District 2232 SCC 2019-2022, DISC 2022-2024, DGN 2025-2026, IYFR Regional Commodore - Region Ukraine

Andrii Shynkarenko, the member of RC Cherkasy, Secretary of IYFR (International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians) Cherkasy Ukrainian IYFR Fleet





Primary Host Partner

District: 2232

Rotary Club of: Cherkasy

Primary Contact: Olha Paliychuk

Email: oncology@2upost.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5300

Rotary Club of: Las Vegas WON

Primary Contact: Shab (Chehab) El Awar

Email: shabdg201415@gmail.com

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