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Region: South America

Country: Colombia

Location: Cali

Total Budget: $49,850

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment


1. Manage before Government Entities, the Process of Care for Children with MICROTIA of Vulnerable Populations of the Southwest and the Colombian Pacific; and that the different Health Systems have access to them, so that they can have an Assessment Consultation and receive the necessary timely Therapies, with the aim of improving the Quality of Life of these children.

2. Identify the Population of Children with this Congenital Anomaly, in the Departments of Valle, Cauca and Nariño.

3. We hope to call and evaluate Fifty (50) children with MICROTIA in the Calls and Select Twenty-Five (25) Children from these Departments, to be Treated and/or Operated in the main Hospitals and/or Clinics of the State Hospital Network.


We have called the Program "LISTENING, NOW AND ALWAYS", for Children with MICROTIA. Children with MICROTIA will be evaluated according to the Degree of MICROTIA. In our case, our objective is to Select Children with MICROTIA GRADE 3 AND 4. The Children will be Assessed by Health Professionals and they will be provided with the bone hearing aids required to restore their hearing. Likewise, of the selected Children, five (5) Children will be chosen to improve the aesthetic part with the Reconstruction of the Auricular Pavilion, as well as the appropriate Therapies that are needed to improve the Quality of Life of the Children. The duration of our Project is One (1) Year.

The following Health Professionals will participate in the Assessment Consultations: An Otorhinolaryngologist and an Audiologist. In the Reconstruction of the External Pavilion, the following Health Professionals will be involved: A Craniofacial Surgeon and a Facial Plastic Surgeon. In the therapies with all selected Children, they will be attended by Speech Therapy Professionals. When it comes to the Reconstruction of the External Pavilion, the Post-Surgical Controls will be every eight (8) days for twenty (20) days and then once (1) once a Month.

Identified needs: Through information collected from the Departmental Secretary of Health of Valle del Cauca, a large part of the Children with different Congenital Anomalies in these Departments with a presence in the Colombian Pacific, do not have the Economic Resources to be cared for by the different Health Systems. On the other hand, when they are treated and evaluated, they have no place to stay nor do they count towards food expenses; which causes the Processes to be truncated and the Habilitation of the Children to be delayed in their Quality of Life and in terms of behavior, the Microtia community often faces discrimination and harassment due to their physical appearance. This can lead to self-esteem and self-confidence issues, as well as more serious psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

How the Project will address these needs: The following Alliances are being generated: 1) Departmental Health Secretaries of Valle del Cauca, Nariño and Cauca, 2) University Hospital of Valle, 3) Santiago de Cali University and 4) Colombian School of Rehabilitation.

Who will be the beneficiary of this project? Cite an estimated number of beneficiaries.

Twenty-five (25) children with MICROTIA, present in the Departments of Valle, Cauca and Nariño, will be Beneficiaries of the "LISTENING, NOW AND ALWAYS" Program. Of these Children, five (5) will be selected to carry out the Reconstruction of the Auricular Pavilion.


According to research from the Javeriana University, ear anomalies are the most frequent Congenital Malformation in the country, with a rate of 74.13 per 10,000 live births. Bogotá, the country's capital, is even noted as the city with the most MICROTIA reports in the entire world and catalogs Colombia as the country in the World with the highest number of Children with Microtia.

Our "LISTENING, NOW AND ALWAYS" Program is only addressing 6.39% of the total population of children with MICROTIA in Colombia. As NUEVO CALI ROTARY CLUB, who will coordinate, select this 6.39% of the Children who will be present in the Southwest of Colombia; It will be a job where Sustainability is based on the great Alliances that our Organization, as ROTARY INTERNATIONAL, makes with the Government Sector to minimize the Population of Children with MICROTIA from Vulnerable Populations and who also have low Economic Resources and little or no management in procedures to achieve the Treatments.


MICROTIA COLOMBIA is the community that brings together Children with MICROTIA. The mere fact of existing is the greatest Support for our Program. In this community, there are not only Children from Colombia, but from other countries; who see opportunities for Help from different Organizations, as well as from the NUEVO CALI ROTARY CLUB.


Value of the project USD $ 49.850 Dollar: $ 4.380


Assessment Days $ 7.000.000 $ 1.598 Clubes Rotarios

Patient Transport $ 42.400.000 $ 9.680 CR Nuevo Cali

Patient Feedings $ 13.020.000 $ 2.973 CR Nuevo Cali

Hospitalization and Accommodations $ 2.200.000 $ 502 CR Nuevo Cali - HUV - Fundación Club Noel

Professional fees

$ 80.050.000 $ 18.276 HUV - Fundación Club Noel

Surgery Room, Supplies and Policies

$ 16.350.000 $ 3.733 HUV - Fundación Club Noel

Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests $ 16.925.000 $ 3.864 HUV - Fundación Club Noel

Supply of Bone Hearing Aids $ 25.000.000 $ 5.708 CR Nuevo Cali

Project Administration and Supervision

$ 5.000.000 $ 1.142 CR Nuevo Cali

Training for Professionals and Community $ 2.000.000 $ 457 CR Nuevo Cali -

Fundación Club Noel

SUBTOTAL $ 209.945.000 $ 47.933

UNFORESEEN (4%) $ 8.397.800 $ 1.917


CONTRIBUTIONS: $ 218.342.800 $ 49.850

ROTARY CLUB NUEVO CALI (FDD) $ 1.265.820 $ 289


Thanks to your support, our club will help the community by solving its most important needs. We appreciate the analysis of this project. For more information contact:

Name: Edgar Marino Caicedo Feijoo email: parmes96@hotmail.com

Telephone: 3158518428

Presidente del Club Presidente del Comité de LFR del Club

___________________________________ __________________________________

Liliana Bernal Marulanda Luis Fernando Martínez Arce

Primary Host Partner

District: 4281

Rotary Club of: Nuevo Cali

Primary Contact: Edgar Marino Caicedo feijoo

Email: parmes96@hotmail.com

Primary International Partner

District: 5300

Rotary Club of: Las Vegas WON

Primary Contact: Chehab Elawar

Email: shadg201415@gmail.com

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