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Region: Eastern Europe

Country: Turkey

Location: Adana

Total Budget: $80,000

Area of Focus: Disease prevention and treatment


Blood, used in patients treatments,which people are the only resource has no other alternative.

In mobile blood banking,first step is to get out and reach to donators and then collect safe and reliable blood.The stages that follows the first step,are laboratory processes and preservation and safely keeping of the blood,which are the budget items

Our country Turkey has low profile in blood donating volunteers percentage which is below % 1.5 where this figure in the developed countries is above % 5 .the patients when in need of blood mostly enquire donors from their own families or close relatives.

With this mobile unit the public will be trained on how important donating the blood is and the benefits blood provides to the patients.The mobile unit will be equipped to reach rural parts of the region,to the towns and villages where population is quite high,from there collect blood and return back to the community hospital safe and sound.

The beneficiary ,University of Cukurova,Medical University hospital is major hospital located in Adana city,covering an area of 100 000 sq miles serving as principal biggest hospital to a population exceeding 7 million people.Founded in 1975 with 1200 patients bedding capacity. The blood bank within the hospital units is a licenced blood bank center.But does not have mobile blood collecting facilities.

It's annual need is approximately 60 000 units (Each unit volume is 500 cc capacity).Blood bank of the hospital can process up to 60 000 units of blood.Surgery section uses % 30 pct,regional ilness thalessimmia patients where blood transfusion is needed, % 70 pct of the quantity is being used.Adana city is among the top of highest earthquake risk regions in the land.The hospital is also in need of long term blood preserving capacity in very high amounts in case of earthquake mis happening.

Adana Guney Rotary club project due to the a/m reasons is to provide full accessory mobile blood collector bus which will be donated to the University of Cukurova,Medical University Hospital.

Trained personel the maintenance of the bus will be provided by the University of Cukurova and the bus will have full accessory for public education and collecting blood and preserving blood capabilities.

Primary Host Partner

District: 2430

Rotary Club of: Adana-Cukurova

Primary Contact: Tugrul Yegenaga

Email: yegenaga@gmail.com

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Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

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Blood Donation Vehicle


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