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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Mumbai

Total Budget: $31,220

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

In India, most of the rural schools have less than three teachers. These teachers not only manage teaching but also have to double up for mid-day meal program, leaving little time for to teach. Quality of teachers is also poor because of less pay & hard living conditions in rural places. The qualified teachers prefer urban places because of better salary & better living standards. So even if one teacher is absent, it leads to significant loss of teaching. So the result is there is poor attendance in schools, high dropout rate (>50%), leading to crime and persistent poverty. Their average earning is <$1/day).

The Rotary E learning program is designed to bring quality education in such rural schools through use of technology and at affordable cost. This Rotary e-learning Program (RELP) project is a proven Rotary program which has reversed all the negative trends leading to increased attendance of students in schools, higher level of high school graduation, employ-ability and eventual empowerment of Rural Youth.

The program is very successful in RID 3131, Maharashtra state, India, in last 4 years. We wish to implement similar program in Mumbai and rural areas near Mumbai in Dist 3140

The project is proposed to

Deliver a rugged, rural compatible High Definition DLP LED projector with PC functionality through an Android Dongle which is preloaded with well-tested educational software , Adult Literacy software, Teachers training program & exciting content on IT education, Health & Hygiene, Virtual Laboratory, Value Education, Traffic Rules & Safety, Virtual Planetarium & a host of other content which is extremely useful for school children & teachers.

a. Principle beneficiaries are the students; secondary beneficiaries are teachers and the overall village where the life style is expected to be transformed with the implementation of quality education.

b. Program plans to involve all the three segments of the beneficiaries.

c. We expect local communities to donate part sum to school to acquire the RELP system. Although the system costs Rs. 40 k / unit, the program is structured in a way that at least Rs. 15 k to come from school. If schools cannot provide such sum, then the program calls the local community to raise funds. This approach allows deeper involvement of local community and an overall obligation on the part of school to acquire RELP system.

d. We expect school to share school performance data with Rotary District and there by allow monitoring school and student progress.

e. The RELP solution shortlisted is a completely portable unit which can be moved from classroom to classroom. It is a simple & easy to use plug & play solution which makes it extremely easy for Teachers to use. A typical class period is 40 minutes. The most important resources in a school are instruction time of 40 minutes per class & the second one is classroom space. Instead of dedicating a classroom for a ceiling mounted projector, the RELP solution shortlisted by us helps save important resources like classroom space as well as instructional time. A study has shown that 10 minutes (25% of instructional time in a class period) is lost when students are shifted from classroom to the projector room. The RELP solution saves on instruction time as well as classroom space as it is a portable solution which can be shifted from classroom to classroom.

F. The earlier implementation of RELP in various villages indicates that none of the above involvements is any issues. Community as well as schools and students are gladly offering their involvement with zeal & passion.

g. Only issue is the funds. With per-capita income of $1/day, it is unreasonable for these schools and the families to pay for such program. We, thus, expect Rotary clubs and district grant will support.

Looking for a club who is willing to contribute US$ 2,703.35

Primary Host Partner

District: 3140

Rotary Club of: Bombay West

Primary Contact: Hemant Joshi

Email: hemantjoshi09@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

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This project has been "Dropped". Check the history log entries to see why it was dropped.

Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

The TRF Grant application number is #54067.

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