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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: Kakinada.

Total Budget: $32,000

Area of Focus: Basic education and literacy

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Kakinada is in East Godavari , Andhra Pradesh, India.

Population of East Godavari.

Population of East Godavari district is 5151549 as per Census 2011. East Godavari is 19th most Populous district in India.The population density of East Godavari is 477 Persons per square Km and it is 258th most densely populated district out of total 640 districts in india.

Literacy rate of East Godavari

Total Literacy rate of East Godavari is 71.35%. This means 71.35 out of 100 persons of age more than 6 years are literate. Male Literacy of East Godavari is 74.91% while female literacy stands at 67.82%.

Note: Serchhip district(98.76%) in Mizoram has highest literacy rate and Alirajpur district(37.2%) of Madhya Pradesh has the lowest literacy rate in India.

Sex-Ratio of East Godavari

Sex-ratio of East Godavari is 1005 female per thousand male.

Note : Highest Sex-ratio of india is of Puducherry (1176) while lowest being from Daman district (533).

Note:All the details are as of Census 2011.

Area of East Godavari

Area of East Godavari is 10807 Sq. Km. It is 15th largest district in Andhra Pradesh and 45th largest in India in terms of total area.

Note: Kutch district(45441 sq.km) of Gujarat is the largest and Mahe district(9 sq km) of Puducherry is the smallest district in India..

We are , with the help of Madhav Mohan , an internationally acclaimed speaker and management expert ,putting a few conceptual final touches and getting a presentation done. Attached is a presentation on the RotaSlate; this will clarify the concept while also providing illustrative screenshots of the actual proof of concept that we demonstrated in Delhi last January during the Literacy Summit. Other salient aspects are as follows:

the RotaSlate is based on the concept of Total Literacy Mission, definition of Functional Literacy and pedagogy all of which I have created

the software developer's fee is approximately Rs 16 lacs; this includes the translation of the definition of Functional Literacy into learning modules based on the pedagogy

the RotaSlate software includes touch, writing, testing and audio

the software is loaded on a tablet (which costs approximately Rs 1500/- per piece) ; the cost of the tablet can fall based on numbers

it is therefore a comprehensive method to make a person Functionally Literate

the implementation of this project consists of the following steps

creating the RotaSlate in Telugu : approximately in 45 days from Day 0 (defined as date on which 25% advance is released to software developer; the next 25 % to be released on Day 20 based on acceptable progress based on review; the next 25% to be released on Day 30 based on acceptable progress based on review; final 25% to be released on completion of the system and satisfactory testing; I will monitor and collaborate with the developer to ensure delivery

Once the RotaSlate is ready the Rotary Club can identify 3 Rotarians who learn how to use it and can then be resource persons to help in the initial demo to the target group

in parallel, the Rotary Club can identify the target area and within it the target group, namely, illiterate and/or migrant workers and agricultural labour ; the first group of 20 people can be identified and 10 RotaSlates can be produced for distribution to this group; the RotaSlates can be handed over and then repossessed after 40 hours (20 days approximately, assuming they will each use it for 2 hours per day); the next lot of 10 people in the target group can be given the RotaSlate after the first lot has completed the 40 hour program; alternatively, all 20 can use the 10 RotaSlates for 2 hours every day if we can transfer each RotaSlate to 2 people per day; based on the learning from this pilot of 20 people we can scale up the production and distribution of the RotaSlate.

the Rotary Club can keep detailed electronic records of the beneficiaries and the impact on them.

Primary Host Partner

District: 3020

Rotary Club of: Kakinada Central

Primary Contact: Jayesh Desai

Email: desaikkd@gmail.com

Primary International Partner

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Project Status

This project has been "Dropped". Check the history log entries to see why it was dropped.

Project listed for the 2016-17 Rotary Year.

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