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Region: Asia

Country: India

Location: India

Total Budget: $81,000

Area of Focus: Maternal and child health

With aim of lowering infant mortality rate of this region we have started this project. Infants having various critical complications cause major mortality. To counter this, a well equipped neonatal intensive care unit (N.I.C.U.) along with skilled medical team is needed.

As the cost of a well equipped N.I.C.U. is beyond reach of large number of vast poor population due to cost barrier. Beneficiary hospitals N.I.C.U. is the only one government facility which is available on charity basis, also having advantage of availability of skilled medical professionals, as this hospital is run by Government Medical College. But it is over stressed with vast inflow of the patients & is having limited resources. So We are continuously working to fill up the gap of required equipments.

To handle this over capacity demand & sufficiently equip this N.I.C.U. we further need to fill up the short fall of NEO NATAL VENTILATOR for management of critical neonates with respiratory problems & Multipara Monitors, Pulse oxy meters to monitor crucial health parameters in critical neonates, Baby warmers are essential in saving a dying baby & LED Photo Therapy in reversing Neonatal Jaundice in NICU. These equipments are most essential life support system and will directly fight against child mortality in considerable way. In addition to considerable improvement in patient care, these equipment are also very useful for various research projects which are undertaken by this pediatric department in NICU section. Also this gives post graduate trainees of DNB PEDIATRICS an opportunity to actually experience use of latest & quality equipment. This further empowers them with much required knowledge, experience & confidence in critical patient care.

Considering this type of vast help through Rotary will have huge direct & indirect impact on child mortality. These equipments will ensure availability of essential life saving treatment in time free of cost to underprivileged section of society. The well qualified, vastly experienced medical staff of beneficiary government hospital will further be empowered & motivated to fight child mortality. All the trainee doctors will get much needed additional skill sets due theses equipments. As per government policy this N.I.C.U. is funded on government grants (often very insufficient) & operates on charitable basis. This can save many infants babies from possible death otherwise. So this project will certainly fight against infant mortality successfully & will serve the Rotary's noblest purpose of saving lives

1] As a host club we will communicate to all involved entities as per procedure.

2] We have appointed permanent project chairman who will regularly ensure proper usage of the equipments for the service of poor & needy along with His Project Committee.

3] Beneficiary have designated place & required electrification in place along with energy supply.

4] Beneficiary will ensure timely care & maintenance along with supplier in their own cost.

Beneficiary That is - 'Rajarshee Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj Government Medical College, Kolhapur' will own the equipments after donation.

Beneficiary shall be responsible for the operating & periodic as well as all required maintenance at its own cost. Beneficiary will display logo of The Rotary foundation, names of club /district on visible part of donated equipment.

Will training in use and maintenance of technical equipment be provided? If so, who will provide training?

Staff is already trained. However due assurance from vendor will be taken care of to have rounds of training to personnel's.

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Primary Host Partner

District: 3170

Rotary Club of: Kolhapur Heritage

Primary Contact: Mahesh K. Malani

Email: malani.mahesh@gmail.com

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Need $81,000
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Project listed for the 2021-22 Rotary Year.

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